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Cheatography Terms and Conditions Cheat Sheet by

A summary of Cheatography's terms and conditions in a cheat sheet (because why not).

Cheato­graphy can do these at any time:

Change the Terms and Conditions
Terminate your account if you violate the Terms
Remove any content that violates the Terms
Remove any content associated with you if you violate the Terms
Modify or discon­tinue their service perman­ently or tempor­arily

Indemnity and Liability

You agree to indemnify Cheato­graphy against any claims, losses, damages, costs, liabil­ities and expenses resulting from any breach of your obliga­tions under the TOS, or of applicable law
Cheato­graphy is provided "as is" with no warranties
Cheato­graphy cannot guarantee mercha­nta­bility, fitness for a particular purpose, non-in­fri­nge­ment, inform­ation accuracy, integr­ation, intero­per­ability or quiet enjoyment
Cheato­graphy is to be used at your own risk
Cheato­graphy cannot be liable for any damages relating to the use of their services

Prohibited types of inform­ation

Harassing, threat­ening or embara­ssing content
Content that causes distress or discomfort to anyone
Sexually explicit content
Content that harms minors
Unlawful, abusive, defama­tory, vulgar, obscene, or hateful content
Prohibited content with regards to race, national origin, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orient­ation, or disabl­ement
Impers­onation of anyone, including their appearance and voice
Unauth­orized or false names or identities
Unsoli­cited advert­ising, promot­ional materials, and other forms of solici­tation
Content that contra­venes laws or regula­tions
Content that violates Cheato­gra­phy's rules, regula­tions, guidelines or policies
Content that infringes on other's intell­ectual property rights
Software or inform­ation that violates any licensing agreement

Reporting copyri­ght­/tr­ademark infrin­gement

Send the following inform­ation to
URL of the infringing work
Identi­fic­ation of the infringing work
Copyright holder or authorized repres­ent­ative of the holder of the infringing work
An e-mail address, to allow commun­ication between the parties
A statement of faith belief that the use of the work is not authorized by the copyright holder
A statement that the inform­ation is accurate and not false or deceptive
A statement that the person claiming the deletion is the copyright holder or authorized repres­ent­ative


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