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I Daniel Blake Media A-Level Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Media alevel I Daniel Blake

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Product Context

Who Directed It
Ken Loach
Which Companies were involved in production
16 Films, WHY NOT produc­tions
which companies were involved in distri­bution and marketing
Which companies were involved in funding for the project
BBC Films; BFI films

Ken Loach

Ken loach focuses on social realism as a genre
Social Realism is a niche genre and is almost never has a high degree of success in regards to box office sales
Ken Loach is a highly successful award winning director (Oscors e.t.c) attracting companies to work on I Daniel Blake (Why not produc­tions joined I Daniel Blake due to them knowing Ken Loach was on board)
Ken Loach is all over the marketing due to his critical success (Luring in the pre-sold audience of Ken Loach fans)
Known for being very left wing and anti-c­ons­erv­ative (These views reflecting into IDB)


Very few 'New techno­logies' were used. No 3D, IMAX due to the genre and there was not enough budget
Didnt use alot of online digital technogies due to their target audience to be older and more likely to use printed media rather than social media
The film was distru­buted on DVD after it had been at the cinema but it was also available as a digital download online.


Due to recieving funding from the BBC and BFI films it meant that the film had to furfill certain obliga­tions to recieve the funding
The BBC and BFI typically fund projects which are Innately British, niche/­alt­ern­ative, culturally signif­icant, educat­ional or show British culture
This may have had a influence on I Daniel Blake due to it presenting regional areas of Britain; niche storyl­ines; unusual charac­ter's and can be considered to be altern­ative in comapaison to other mainstream films
The low budget of the film meant there was no money for large extrav­agent sets or famous actors. However, it could be argued that due to the low budget it adds to the social realism of the film making the sotry lines of the characters more realisitc.
The BBC is a Public Service Broadc­aster. The PSB remit means that they are required to be inform­ative, educat­ional as well as entert­aining; presen­tinging diversity and to showcase new

Curran & Seaton

Due to IDB being indipe­ndant ownship it would allow for more creative and less mainstream product; As seen within the movie with an accurate repres­enation with the welware system and shining a negative light on the conser­vative party. This supports Curran & Seatons theory due to a mainstream product being highly unlikely to be this openly criticl of the govern­ment.

Why is IDB Niche

quite Niche as they are hard to sell to a global audience (Harsh accents; run down areas e.t.c)
The film had a limited distri­bution to just a handful of countries
It did better in countries where the film could be subtitled or dubbed so that people could understand the harsh accents


Daily Mirror, eOne produc­tions put serveral articles within the Daily Mirror as if Daniel Blake was writing the articles himself as a form of marketing for the film
The Daily mirror was chosen for this marketing scheme due to the Daily Mirror being a left wing papper and more liekly to have consumers with simmilar ideologies (Anti-­con­ser­vative)
The posters and advert­ising name drop ken loach alot in order to encent­ivise people who enjoy ken loaches directing style to consume the movie
Recieves a Palm D'Or (Given to more niche films)
Used Guerilla marketing (Contr­ove­rsal), Projected quotes onto the side of the building like houses of parliment; targeting British audiences and presenting the movies ideology.
Payed people to talk about the film, Protests; e.t.c (The north is more likely to be labor )


The Premiere took place in Newcastle rather than Lodnond to reflect the film's altern­ative nature as well as to show support for working class families and people like Daniel Blake
Invited Jermy Corbin to the premiere to engage left wing anti conser­vative audiences