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WLAN Controller Cheat Sheet by

WLAN Controller CheatSheet

Configure a WPA2 Enterprise WLAN on the WLC

Create a new WLAN
Create a new VLAN interface and configure a RADIUS server. Then create a new WLAN and configure the WLAN Security
DHCP Scope and SNMP
Configure a DHCP Scope and the SNMP
Connect Hosts
Configure a host to connect to the enterprise network and then test the connec­tivity

Configure a Basic WLAN on the WLC

Monitor the WLC
Is the WLC connected to an AP?
Create a Wireless LAN
Create and enable the WLAN and afterwards secure the WLAN. Verify the Settings
Connect a Host to the WLAN
Connect to the network and verify connec­tivity

WLAN Config­uration

Home wireless router
Change the DHCP settings and configure the wireless LAN. Then configure the security amd connect the clients to the network
WLC controller network
Configure the different VLAN interf­aces, configure DHCP scope, configure WLC with ecternal server addres­seas, create the WLANS and configure the hosts to connect to the WLANs. Last but not least, test the connec­tivity

Troubl­eshoot WLAN Issues – Instru­ctions Answer

Troubl­eshoot the Network
Test connec­tivity and invest­igate issues and record findings
Fix issues
Try to fix the issues you just detected

Security types

No security
least secure option. only use it for SSIDs in a public space
Static WEP key
static WEP keys are vulnerable to attack. If you configure this setting, you should consider limiting associ­ation to the wireless device based on the MAC address.
EAP authen­tic­ation
uses mandatory encryption
permits wireless access to users who are authen­ticated against a database. very safe!

useful commands

Opens the connection between the wireless device and the router's console.
servic­e-m­odule wlan-ap 0 session


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