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TwitchPlaysSC Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Stream link: List of commands for TwitchPlaysSC

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Join the game.
Leave the game. Resources and units will be distri­buted between remaining players.
Display your resources in chat.
Vote to surrender.

Worker Commands

Send a worker to mine minerals
Send a worker to mine gas
Move a worker to a location
Assign a worker to follow army commands

Transf­erring Resources

!sm <player> <amount>
Transfer specified amount of minerals to the specified player
!sg <pl­aye­r> <am­oun­t>
Transfer specified amount of gas to the specified player
!f <pl­aye­r>
Begin forwarding all of your income to the specified player
Begin forwarding all of your income among all player
Stop forwarding your income
!sm ap31sin 200
!sg ap31sin 150
!f ap31sin


Cancel your most recently placed structure
Build Nexus
!b p
Build Pylon
!b a
Build Assimi­lator
!b g
Build Gateway
!b f
Build Forge
!b y
Build Cybern­etics Core
!b c
Build Photon Cannon
!b b
Build Shield Battery
!b r
Build Robotics Facility
!b s
Build Stargate
!b t
Build Twilight Council
!b rb
Build Robotics Bay
!b fb
Build Fleet Beacon
!b ta
Build Templar Archives
!b d
Build Dark Shrine

Upgrades and Researches

!u gw
Upgrade Ground Weapons
!u ga
Upgrade Ground Armor
!u s
Upgrade Plasma Shields
!u aw
Upgrade Air Weapons
!u aa
Upgrade Air Armor
!r wg
Research Warp Gate
!r c
Research Charge
!r b
Research Blink
!r g
Research Glaive
!r gb
Research Gravitic Booster
!r gd
Research Gravitic Drive
!r tl
Research Thermal Lance
!r pc
Research Anion Pulse-­­Cr­y­stals
!r fv
Research Flux Vanes
!r s
Research Psionic Storm
!r ss
Research Shadow Stride


!t z
Train Zealot
!t s
Train Stalker
!t y
Train Sentry
!t a
Train Adept
!t h
Train High Templar
!t d
Train Dark Templar
!t i
Train Immortal
!t b
Train Observer
!t wp
Train Warp Prism
!t c
Train Colossus
!t dr
Train Disruptor
!t x
Train Phoenix
!t v
Train Void Ray
!t o
Train Oracle
!t cr
Train Carrier
!t t
Train Tempest
!t m
Train Mothership
Rally all trained units to specified location
!rp without location will reset rally point
Probe is trained and distri­buted automa­tically among players
With Warp Gate actives, all units will be warped at the Pylon/Warp Prism nearest to the rally point

Army Control

Attack the nearest visible enemy units
Attack a location if specified
Move your army to specified location
Attack only enemy workers in specified location
Patrol between unit's current position and specified location
Units will move 1 unit toward location and/or direction if specified
!join <player>
Allow specified player to control your units
Use any other army commands to resume control
These commands apply to all your units

Target Priority

!x m
Focus massive units
!x a
Focus air units
!x g
Focus ground units
!x c
Focus spell-­casting units
!x d
Focus detectors
!x s
Focus structures
!x u
Focus units
!x x
Focus armored units
!x l
Focus light units
!x w
Focus workers
!x h
Focus cloaked and burrowed units
!x r
Focus destru­ctible rocks
!x b
Focus friendly structures that prevent Nexus being built
!x n
Focus critters
Phoenix will cast Graviton Beam with !x g
Oracle will cast Revelation with !x h


Default neutral stance
Units will act a bit defens­ively with abilities
!n d
Defensive stance
Units will act defens­ively with abilities and stutte­r-steps
!n a
Aggressive stance
Units will act aggres­sively with abilities and stutte­r-steps
!n m
Manual stance
Units will not auto-cast abilities

Unit Abilities

Requires at least 2 High/Dark Templars
Place Stasis Ward at specified location
Blink all Stalkers to specified location and/or direction
Assign an Observer to enter Survei­llance Mode at specified location
Recall your units at specified location to a random Nexus
Mass Recall all players' units at specified location
Kill all Change­lings on the camera
Spray decal on specified location

Warp Prism Control

Load specified number of units
Unload all units in specified location
Enter Phase Mode at specified location
Return to Transport Mode
Probes can be loaded using worker modifier


Display your current skill points distri­bution
Level up a skill
Support multiplier


Location markers are displayed on the minimap
!go e1
!b g b1
!a e3
!rp t1


#n, #e, #s, #w,
#ne, #nw, #se, #sw
Compass Direction
#u, #r, #d, #l,
#ur, #ul, #dr, #dl
Relative Direction
Forward to the closest visible enemy units
The opposite of >
!b g b1 #sw
!k #r
!s 3 >

Worker Modifier

Last used worker
Any worker that is not last used
Worker mining minerals
Worker mining gas
Idle worker
!mm b2 3 wg
!go t1 wi
!b c e1 w*
!pull 20 wm


Commands associated with workers, training, constr­uction and transport support multiplier
!t s 5
!mg 6
!b c 3
!tl 20

Other Commands

Tempor­arily point in-game camera to specified location or worker
List all your workers status via Twitch whisper
List all your army units via Twitch whisper
List all your army units in chat
Display your overall stats in chat
Display human players you defeated in chat
Display the achiev­ements you earned in chat
Display list of available achiev­ements
Do not display achiev­ements that have not been earned by any players