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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Combat Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Combat in WFRP 2nd Edition

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Combat Order

Each character takes one or more actions per round.
1. Roll initia­tive: Agility + 1d10.
2. Determine order: Rank the scores from highest to lowest.
3. Take turns: Each combatant takes a turn.
a. Roll to hit: less or equal to WS for melee, BS for ranged attacks.
b. Determine hit location: reverse the attack roll and check the hit location chart.
c. Roll for damage: 1d10 + weapon damage
d. Reduce damage: subtract the TB and AP from the opponent.
e. Subtract wounds: subtract any remaining damage from wounds.
4. Round Ends: repeat steps 4 and 5 as needed.
Note: Surprised combatants skip their turn on the first round.

Dodge and Parry

Parry: WS test. If succes­full, no damage is taken. Free action if a weapon is ready in secondary hand or action Parrying Stance was taken.
Dodge Blow: Ag test before damage roll. If succes­full, attack misses.
Note: Only one parry or dodge attempt per round.
A character can't attempt to parry and dodge the same attack.
Ranged attacks can't be dodged or parried.

Unarmed Combat

Unarmed attacks inflict SB -4 damage.
Grapple with Charge or Standard attack. After hit, opponent must fail an S test to be grappled.
Grappled character can break the grapple with a full action and by winning an opposed S Test. Grappler may take a full action to maintain the grapple and inflict unarmed damage, if he wins an opposed S Test in his turn.
Note: APs count double against unarmed attacks.
By grapple attempt, involved characters can't dodge or parry. External melee attacks gain +20% WS against them.

Hit Locations

Right Arm
Left Arm
Right Leg
Left Leg

Ulric's Furry

When a character rolls a 10 on their damage die, roll to hit again. If the second roll is succesful, roll damage again, adding it to the total. Continue rolling until the die comes up under 10.

Ranged Combat

Must have line of sight to target.
Can not dodge or parry ranged attacks, but -10% BS to hit a shielded target.
Can't make ranged attacks while in melee unless a pistol or hand crossbow is used.
Note: Use Difficulty modifiers
Long Range: -20% BS.
Extreme Range: Can fire up to long rangex2, but must first aim at -30% BS.
Shooting into melee: -20% BS.

Note on Actions

No more than one Attack or Cast may be taken per turn.
Per turn, one character can perform one Full Action, two Half Actions or a number of Free Actions. Extended Actions may require multiple rounds, if interr­upted, they must be restarted.


+10% to Standard attack.
Half Action
If half an action is spend before, caster may make a Channeling Test.
Extended Action
Ready an item or weapon.
Half Action
All out Attack
+20% WS but cannot dodge or parry (active round). Melee only.
Full Action
Charge Attack
Move Mx2 in squares (last 2 squares must be in a straight line) and attack with +10% WS
Full Action
Guarded Attack
-10% WS and +10% to dodge and parry (active round)
Full Action
Standard Attack
Single melee or ranged attack
Half Action
Swift Attack
All possible attacks (according to A)
Full Action
Reload a weapon, loading time varies.
Extended Action
Turn ends immedi­atly. Half an action is reserved for use any time before your next turn.
Half Action
Opposed WS test. If succesful followed Standard attack can't be dodged or parried.
Half Action
Opposed WS test. If succesful foe moves 1 square in the chosen direction. You can advance 1 square as well.
Half Action
Make a normal move without being subject of a free attack
Full Action
Leaping across a distance or jumping down.
Full Action
Normal move (M in squares). Terrain can reduce movement.
Half Action
Mount a horse or stand from a prone position.
Half Action
Move in Mx3 in squares. Attaicks against you gain: -20% BS, +20% WS.
Full Action
Use a Skill
Required time varies by Skill.
Extended Action