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Questioning the Objection Cheat Sheet by

A Guide to Objection Handling


This is too expensive for me
Allow me to have an idea of how much you were looking to pay so I can work out something for you. What price did you have in mind? I will see what I can do about it.
Let me discuss with my spouse
Sure, I will circle back with you again. In the meantime, would it be better if we arrange another day where I can list down the benefits to your spouse?
It's not quite what I want
Is there anything I can help you to understand with?
I am not too sure about getting this.
That is perfectly fine. I would prefer that you are fully aware of the benefits before you purchase it. Is there any of the benefits you need me to elaborate on?
I need to think about it
Sure let me circle back with you again. However, before we leave, is there anything you are unclear about?
I'l have to compare around first.
If you're able to get your hands on this camera at a lower price, by all means as it is worth every cent of your invest­ment.


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