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GoLang fmt Printing Cheat Sheet by

Go fmt package verbs to be used with fmt.Printf()

String and slice of bytes

the uninte­rpreted bytes of the string or slice
a double­-quoted string safely escaped with Go syntax
base 16, lower-­case, two characters per byte
base 16, upper-­case, two characters per byte


The value in a default format. When printing structs, the plus flag (%+v) adds field names.
a Go-syntax repres­ent­ation of the value
a Go-syntax repres­ent­ation of the type of the value
a literal percent sign; consumes no value

The default format for %v

int, int8 etc.:
uint, uint8 etc.:
%d, %x if printed with %#v
float32, complex64, etc:

Other flags

always print a sign for numeric values; guarantee ASCII-only output for %q (%+q).
pad with spaces on the right rather than the left (left-­justify the field).
alternate format: add leading 0 for octal (%#o), 0x for hex (%#x); 0X for hex (%#X); suppress 0x for %p (%#p); for %q, print a raw (backq­uoted) string if strcon­v.C­anB­ack­quote returns true;
' ' (space)
leave a space for elided sign in numbers (% d); put spaces between bytes printing strings or slices in hex (% x, % X).
pad with leading zeros rather than spaces; for numbers, this moves the padding after the sign.


the word true or false


base 2
the character repres­ented by the corres­ponding Unicode code point
base 10
base 8
a single­-quoted character literal safely escaped with Go syntax
base 16, with lower-case letters for a-f
base 16, with upper-case letters for A-F
Unicode format: U+1234; same as "­U+%­04X­"

Floati­ng-­point and complex consti­tuents

decima­lless scientific notation with exponent a power of two, in the manner of strcon­v.F­orm­atFloat with the 'b' format, e.g. -12345­6p-78
scientific notation, e.g. -1.234­456e+78
scientific notation, e.g. -1.234­456E+78
decimal point but no exponent, e.g. 123.456
synonym for %f
%e for large exponents, %f otherwise
%E for large exponents, %F otherwise

Floati­ng-­point Precision

default width, default precision
width 9, default precision
default width, precision 2
width 9, precision 2
width 9, precision 0


base 16 notation, with leading 0x

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Nice! Starting now with GoLang this will be very helpful

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