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BitSeven FlashGordon10 Cheat Sheet by

For Trading purposes


CSS: Cut a loss Short
CSL: Cut a loss Long
EP: Entry Price
PA: Pips Applied
SPR: Spread

Leverage Levels

1x: Leverege at 1X
3x: Leverege at 3X
3x: Leverege at 3X
3x: Leverege at 3X
15x: Leverege at 15X
20x: Leverege at 20X
30x: Leverege at 30X

Crypto Currencies

BTC: Bitcoin
LTC: LiteCoin
XRP: Ripple
ETH: Ethereum

Bit Seven Platform.

SYM: Symbol
OPO: Open Order
CLP: Closed Position
RPNL: Realized PNL
WBL: Wallet Balance
UPNL: UnRealized PNL
UPNL: UnRealized PNL
SLM: Sell Limit Market

Bit Seven Index

PSS1: Pricing Source 1
PSS2: Pricing Source 2
PSS3: Pricing Source 3
PSS3: Pricing Source 3
BNP: Binance Price
CBP: Coinbase Price
BSIP: BitSeven Index Price

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