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Post Classical Civilizations 600-1450 CE Cheat Sheet by

World History


Follows collapse of major classical civili­zations
Basically Mongols and Muslims

Major Empires

Imperial China
Experi­ences golden age with the Sui dynasty, then it was the Tang and finally the Mongols
Byzantine Empire
Eastern half of the Roman Empire, capital in Consta­nti­nople under emperor Justinian
Islamic Caliphates
Establ­ished by Muhammad, leads in trade, astronomy, mathem­atics, science, philos­ophy, etc.
Mongol Empire
More egalit­arian nomadic gorup that establ­ished an empire

Expansion of Commun­ica­tio­n/E­xchange Networks

Concen­tra­tions of wealth and intens­ifi­cation of cultural exchanges
Transp­ort­ation, state policies, and mercantile practices increased expansion
Pastoral and nomadic groups played a big role in creating and sustaining transp­ort­ation networks
Improved transp­ort­ation techno­logies and commercial practices led to an increased volume of trade, and expanded the geogra­phical range of existing and newly active trade networks
Major trade routes to know
Indian Ocean, Medite­rranean Sea, Silk Road, and Trans Saharan
Trade of luxury goods encouraged by innova­tions
silk and cotton textiles, porcelain, spices, precious metals and gems, slaves, exotic animals
Innova­tions and techno­logies include:
carava­nserai, compass use, the astrolabe, larger ship designs in sea travel
Trade facili­tated by laws
Inca Road System, Hanseatic League, Grand Canal

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New Techno­logical Agricu­ltural Innova­tions

Floating gardens
Andean Region
Waru Waru
limited erosion improved irrigation
Most of the planet (speci­fically in China)
create arable land in mountains
Horse Collar
help plow fields
Medieval Europe
Three Field
crop rotation
Most of the planet
Swamp Drain
increase land and reduce disease spreading mosquitos


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