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This cheat sheet is about DnD Eberron. Houeses, dragonmarks, etc.

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


House Cannith
Mark of Making (Humans)
Known for innovation and advanc­ements in techno­logy, eg: The Lightning Rail, Elemental Airships, & Warforged.
House Deneith
Mark of Sentinel (Humans)
Known for their mercen­aries and bodygu­ards, acclaimed for their efficiency and martial skill.
House Ghallanda
Mark of Hospit­ality (Halfl­ings)
Known for hospit­ality services. The best food and shelter around can be found at their Sovereign Enclaves.
House Jorasco
Mark of Healing (Halfl­ings)
Known for providing both mundane and magical healing. Herbal­ists, Alchem­ists, Physic­ians, and a few Clerics.
House Kundarak
Mark of Warding (Dwarves)
Known for Security and banking. They offer ultra- secure Vaults and lock boxes to the ultra- wealthy.
House Lyrandar
Mark of Storm (Half-­Elves)
Known for Ocean and Air travel, and weather manipu­lation. But, mostly for piloting elemental airships.
House Medani
Mark of Detection (Half-­Elves)
Known for body guards, invest­igators and researches hired through- out the lands. Very close ties with Breland.
House Orien
Mark of Passage (Humans)
Known for messenger and courier services, & overland shipping via Big caravans that offer free services to advent­urers.
House Phiarlan
Mark of Shadow (Elves)
Known for their bold and entert­aining bards, actors, artists, and acrobats, but is really a house of spies.
House Thuranni
Mark of Shadow (Elves)
Known for their bold and entert­aining bards, actors, artists, and acrobats, but is really a house of assassins.
House Sivis
Mark of Scribing (Gnomes)
Known for transl­ation and messaging stations. They train scribes, notaries, cartog­rap­hers, heralds, and many more.
House Tharashk
Mark of Finding (Humans & Half-Orcs)
Known for Invest­iga­tors, Monster mercen­aries and laborers, and trade with Droaam. Rivalry with House Deneith.
House Vadalis
Mark of Handling (Humans)
Known for stables, breeding and training animals, esp. Magebreed animals. Major presence in Eldeen Reaches. Pony express in remote areas.
House Tarkanan
Aberrant Marks (All)
Known for assass­ina­tion, thievery and other unlawful deeds. Psudeo­-house based in Sharn. All have aberrant marks, which are usually violent.
House of Vol
Mark of [Death?] (Elves)
The existence of this house is apocry­phal, and is said to have been wiped out by a combined army of all other existing houses thousands of years ago.


The Sovereign Host
Precursor faiths among humans in Sarlona, and goblinoids in Khorvair.
Arawai, Aureon, Balinor, Boldrei, Dol Arrah, Dol Dorn, Kol Korran, Olladra, Onatar
Follow the Sovereign Host for material gain in this life.
The Dark Six
Schism from the Sovereign Host.
The Devourer, The Fury, The Keeper, The Mockery, The Shadow, The Traveler
Embrace the totality of life, "­lig­ht" and "­dar­k"
The Blood of Vol
Founded by Erandis Vol c. 2,600 years ago
The Divinity Within
Life is hard, but immort­ality can be won
Cults of Khyber
Overlords, Daelkyr
The stars with be right ever so soon!!!
The Undying Court
Founded after the Elven exodus from Xen'drik
Undying Ancestors
Preserve the wisdom of those who came before
The Silver Flame
Founded by Tira Miron c. 229 YK
Silver Flame
Fight supern­atural evil, lead a noble life
The Path of Light
Il-Yannah, the Great Light
We can turn the Wheel to a better age