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Fossil Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Fossil source code management guide

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


fossil help
List help commands
fossil help <co­mma­nd>
Detailed help

Create from existing data or empty checkout

fossil new <re­pon­ame­>.f­ossil
Change into checkout directory and open repository
fossil open <pa­th/­to/­rep­ona­me>.fossil
fossil add .

Clone from existing repository

Start in local repository directory
fossil clone http:/­/<u­ser­id>­:<p­ass­wor­d>@­<ho­st> <re­pon­ame­>.f­ossil
Change into checkout directory and open repository
cd <ch­eck­out­_di­r>
fossil open </p­ath­/to­/re­pon­ame­>.f­ossil
Clone using any of
http:/­/<u­ser­>:<­pas­swo­rd>­@<h­ost­>:<­por­t> <re­pon­­ssi­l>


fossil status
Show changed files & repository details
fossil extra
Show unvers­ioned files
fossil change
Show edit state in checkout
fossil info
Show basic checkout info

Adding & removing files

fossil add
Add one or more files to current checkout
fossil rm
Remove one or more files from current checkout
fossil addremove
Both add and remove files from next commit


fossil update
Update checkout to latest version
fossil commit -m "­Commit messag­e"
Commits locally changed files and starts autosync


fossil sync (<u­rl>)
fossil pull
Pull changes from master
fossil push
Push local changes to master