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WeeChat and wee-slack Keyboard Shortcuts (DRAFT) by

Cross-platform Chat Client and native plugin for Slack

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


WeeChat is a fast, light and extensible chat client for the console.

WeeChat buflist



wee-slack is a Slack plugin for WeeChat that connects via the Slack API.

Mac wee-slack instal­lation

pip install --upgrade pip setuptools
pip install websoc­ket­-client
mkdir -p ~/.wee­cha­t/p­yth­on/­aut­oload
curl https:­//r­aw.g­it­hub­use­rco­nte­nt.c­om­/we­e-s­lac­k/w­ee-­sla­ck/­mas­ter­/we­e_s­ --outp­ut-file ~/.wee­cha­t/p­yth­on/­aut­olo­ad/­wee­_sl­

Add Slack API key(s)

/slack register
/slack register CODE
/python reload slack
/python reload
Replace CODE with the value of the
URL parameter following author­iza­tion.

wee-slack commands

Join a channel
/join [channel]
Direct chat
/slack talk <us­ern­ame­>[,­<us­ern­ame­2>[­,<u­ser­nam­e3>...]]
List channels
/slack channels
List users
/slack users
Close channel/DM
Set away
/slack away
Set back
/slack back