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How to Lose That Unwanted Pulp


You lose weight by consuming less calories than your body needs. This is known as creating a Calorie Deficit. To do this you need to know how many calories your body needs on any given day and eat less than that amount.


A calorie is a calorie. There is no such thing as "­­fa­t­t­en­­ing­­" food. Whether you get your calories from pure sugar or pasta does not matter in terms of fat loss. All that matters is calorie deficit. This is why you can eat mcdonalds and still lose weight. It just isn't ideal from a health standp­oint.

The best way to start is to find out how many calories your body needs just to maintain it's weight excluding exercise. Then add calories burned via exercise to that number. This is your baseline and I've already done it for you. Yours is 1650 calories burned if sedentary.

If you want to know how I did it read the box below.
I recommend just reading the box on the right for now so you don't get mindfu­cked.

Figuring out your baseline calorie requir­ements

The most accurate formula takes into account your lean body mass or LBM which is your bodies weight excluding fat. Since we don't know your exact body fat percent we can guesst­imate based on your frame size and height using this calcul­ator:


You take this number, convert it into KG with google, and plug it into the formula to find out your BMR:

BMR = 370 + (21.6 x Lean Body Mass(kg).

Now you multiply the number you get by 1.2 to find out how many calories you'd burn if you were sedentary all day.

Now you can calculate how many calories you burn on any given day based on how active you were. Do this by adding in calories burned via exercise to the number above. Use the calcul­ators and resources in the "­Exe­rci­se" section of the cheat sheet to calculate calories burned via exercise.

Creating a Calorie Deficit

Here's an example of how you'll do it day by day.

Firstly count the calories you eat throughout the day and track it using­fit­nes­spa­

You can read nutrition labels and measure your food with a food scale. If the food doesnt have a nutrition label then you can find out roughly how many calories it has (slice of pizza for example) by looking it up on myfitn­esspal or google.

Now that you are tracking your calorie intake you need to know how many calories you will burn from exercise today. Lets say you went to the gym and you did 30 minutes of cardio with an average heart rate of 150 beats per minute.
Using the calculator for cardio in the exercise section of this cheat sheet you can find out that you burned around 284 calories from that work out alone.

Now lets say you also walked for about 30 minutes today. You would use the walking calculator and punch in the numbers which comes out to an additional 125 or so calories.

So in total you burned 409 calories from exercise today. Now add that to your baseline of 1650 for a total of about 2059 calories burned.

Lets say you ate 1400 calories today. So you ate 1400 calories and you burned 2059 calories. Minus 1400 from 2059 to find your calorie deficit of 659 for the day. Meaning you burned 659 calories of fat today.

There are 3500 calories in a pound of fat. If you burn 659 calories every day for a month you will lose a bit more than 5 pounds of pure fat a month (along with additional water weight).

659 x 30 = 19770/3500 = 5.6 pounds of fat loss a month.


Create a calorie deficit of up to 1000 calories a day by a combin­ation of eating less and exercising more.
Count how many calories you eat. I recommend 1000-1300
Calculate how many calories you burn from exercise on any given day. I recommend 30 minutes of cardio at 150 bpm (or more) plus walking.
Subtract Your calories eaten from your calories burned to find your calorie deficit.
There are 3500 calories in a pound of fat.
Get most of your calories from foods and not liquids.
Drink plenty of water to fill you up and stay hydrated.
Eat plenty of proteins healthy fats (non saturated)

Baseline Calories Per day

1650 calories
Your baseline is how many calories your body needs if you are sedentary. Add calories burned via exercise to this number to determine how many calories you burned in total that day.

Your diet.

Your goal for your diet is simply to eat less calories than your body burned that day to create a calorie deficit. Eat as healthy as you can making sure to get plenty of protein and healthy non saturated fats to fill you up.


Add all cals burned to:
For cardio:
For walking:
To calculate your cals burned from cardio, you need to know your average heart rate during that activity. Use the cardio calculator above and fill out the form using your average heart rate per minute. If you're going to the gym use the heart rate monitors. Otherwise while you are working out you can stop and count your heart rate for 10 seconds then multiply it by 6 to find out your heart rate per minute.

The higher your heart rate during your workout, the more calories you will burn.


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