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How to give feedback in ESL Teaching

Defi­nition of Feedback

Positive Feedback
Negative Feedback
Positive feedback has two principal functions: to let students know that they have performed correctly, and to increase motivation through praise.
Negative feedback consists exclus­ively of the teacher repeating the student's response with a rising intona­tion. Students have no problem recogn­izing this a phonol­ogi­cally marked cue indicating that an incorrect response has been given.

Types of Feedback

Advice and Encour­agement

Feedback should be:

•Regular & Standa­rized
•Balanced & Structured
•Positive & Honest


•As a teacher, be sure to show support, encour­agement and praise.
•Be sure to create a positive atmosphere when giving feedback.
•Feedback has to be structured and balanced.

Techniques for giving feedback

•Make positive statem­ents, discuss areas for improv­ement, and then finish with more positive statem­ents.
•Ask questions about learners' comments and contribute to them.
•Make correc­tions at the end of the class and not when the students are speaking.

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