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pf2e conditions simplified (landscape) Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Minimal reference to conditions in Pathfinder 2e To fit more on a page, try highlighting all the conditions then hit "Print Selected" from the print menu. Play with the scale and you can comfortably fit everything on one page. 75% seems to work well. Portrait view. Longer descriptions can be found here.

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Detection Level (A creature looking at you)

DC X fc
Difficulty X Flat Check (seen below)
Seen with only precise senses. Can take measures to avoid detection like duck behind something then use "­ste­alt­h" to hide.
Difficult to see you (fog). DC 5 fc to target you. AoE is unaffe­cted.
Creature knows what space you're in but can't see you. Hiding in a barrel. Creature is off guard to you and DC 11 fc to target you. AoE is unaffe­cted. Creature can Seek to observe you (pg471)
Does not sense you. Cannot target you and is off guard. Can pick a random square to make a DC 11 fc on attack, but this is a secret check and does not know if they rolled low on the flat check, their attack, or you're simply not in there. AoE is unaffe­cted.

Not at your best

Off Guard (Flat-­Footed)
-2 circum­stance to AC
Clumsy 1 and 10ft speed penalty. Can't be reduced below 5ft.
-1 status to AC and saves. Can't use Explore activi­ties. Full rest recovery.
Off guard and can only use mind actions like Recall Knowledge.
Off guard and -2 circum­stance to att rolls. Can Take Cover in the open for +4 circum­stance to AC against ranged.
Slowed (X)
(X) less actions gained at the beginning of your turns.
Stunned (X)
Lose (X) total actions over however many turns it takes to get (X) to 0.

Senses (from your perspe­ctive)

All terrain is difficult. Crit fail perception that relies on sight. -4 status to prec if vision is your only precise sense. Immune to visual effects. Overrides Dazzled.
If vision is your only precise sense, everything is concealed to you.
Crit fail checks involving hearing. -2 status penalty to Perception checks for initiative and checks that involve sound but also rely on other senses. DC 5 fc to actions with auditory trait. Immune to auditory effects.
-2 status to perception and skill checks. Cannot use actions with concen­trate unless it is focused on the target. Condition ends when an enemy uses a hostile action on you/al­lies.

Lowering Your Abilities

A value (X) is included in the following condit­­ions. Some values go down or away on their own, others require some action to reduce or remove them.
Clumsy (X)
Status penalty (X) to Dex checks/DCs and AC.
Drained (X)
Status penalty (X) to Con checks­/DCs. Lose HP = Lvl x (X). Does not count as damage. Max HP reduced the same amount. Full rest deceases (X) by 1.
Sickened (X)
Status penalty (X) to ALL checks­/DCs. Can't drink willingly. 1 action to Fort save against the DC to reduce (X) by 1 or 2 on crit success.
Stupefied (X)
Status penalty (X) to Int/Wi­s/Cha checks­/DCs. Spells require DC fc = 5 + (X) or fail to cast.
Enfeebled (X)
Status penalty (X) to Str checks/DCs

You are Grappled!

Off guard and immobi­lized. DC 5 fc for manipulate actions.
Can't use actions with the move trait. External forces must succeed a check against the immobi­lizing force to move you.
Off guard and immobi­lized. Can't use manipulate or attack traits except Escape action. Overrides grabbed.

Death comes for us all

Doomed (X)
Max dying value is reduced by (X). If max is 0 you die. Full rest reduces Doomed by 1.
Dying (X)
DC 11 fc to +/- 1 to (X), +/-2 on crits. Dying 4 you dead-dead. Move your initiative to right before whatever KO'd you. If you're hit, move (X) up 1 or 2 for crit.
Wounded (X)
After fighting off Dying, (X) goes up by 1. This is added to Dying (X) if you're KO'd again. Wounded goes away with Treat Wounds or full heal and 10 min rest.
You can't act, nor can you sense anything. You become an object with a Bulk double your normal Bulk (typically 12 for a petrified Medium creature or 6 for a petrified Small creature), AC 9, Hardness 8, and the same current Hit Points you had when alive. You don't have a Broken Threshold. When you're turned back into flesh, you have the same number of Hit Points you had as a statue. If the statue is destroyed, you immedi­­ately die. While petrified, your mind and body are in stasis, so you don't age or notice the passing of time.