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Pre-Calculus Cheat Sheet Cheat Sheet by

University of San Francisco - god darn mitchell

Properties of Square Roots

Side Ratios


Compound Interest


Laws of Exponents and Logarithms

Change of Base Formula

Trigon­ometric Functions

More Trig

Continuous Interest


Reference Angle

Quadrant I
given angle
Quadrant II
180 - given angle
Quadrant III
given angle - 180
Quadrant IV
360 - given angle

Find an equation of a line that:

passes through two points
y = mx + b
that is parallel to one another
isolate b
that is perpen­dicular to one another
solve for x

Rational Root Theorem

Arc Length

Sector Area

Graphing Trigon­ometric Functions



Unit Circle

Rational Functions

Trig Signs



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