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Design Your Distinct Personal Career Brand Cheat Sheet by

A quick and easy way to create a distinct career brand by including these five elements.

1. Your ‘Why’ Story

This is the reason why you are so passionate about the work you want to do right now. It’s usually something that caused you some sort of pain, shame, longing or suffering in the past. For instance did you always want to read but you didn't have access to books so now you are passionate about teaching kids or adults how to read?

2. Your 'Buried' Soft Skills

The 'buried' soft skills are the skills you developed uncons­ciously due to the circum­stances in your backgr­ound. Most of them are survival skills that you had to be good at to navigate that situation. Many of these skills are can be very useful in the workplace. For instance, you could be very good at navigating person­alities in groups of people because you grew up in a huge family among different or complex person­alities

3. What activities and outcomes do you love to do?

Forget the job title and determine the exact activities you love to do at work. What are some of the tangible results you can produce. For instance, do you like doing research, reading and writing and can create staff training modules, blogs or newsle­tters to help companies improve their human relations?

4. Your One Non-ne­got­iable value

Demons­trate your most important value/­sta­ndard that can be of immense use to a company, and relate this to a specific sector. For instance, would you never betray someone's trust by exposing their secret no matter what? This can be a quality highly value in the security sector, health sector or social work sector where confid­ent­iality is crucial. Give examples of how you have upheld this value in past work or personal situations

5. What are the strengths of your person­ality?

Contex­tualize specific things you can bring to companies because of your person­ality. For instance are you dependable and good at penny pinching so you are good at finishing projects within a deadline and under budget. Are you a straight talker and you're good at 'confr­onting the elephant in the room'?


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