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CSCE-350 Midterm 2 Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Heap has root either < || > all children.
10,6,8­,2,­5,7­,4,1, read in rows, 10-roo­t,6/8 is next row, right to left
When replace node, always pick the bottom rightmost. Then heapif­y(look for c</­>p)
Topo sort = inverse of pop


map a file size n into a table size m use f(n)
Open Hashing: Each Cell is a header of linked list of all keys assigned to it
Closed Hashing: One key per cell.
In case of collision, either linear probing (find next available free cell) or Double Hashing
Key Compar­isons = depth of keys
AVG number = Σ1/n(d­epth)

String Matching

String Matching: Horspool: create a shift table with contains values for how far to shift if a match is found. Always start from the right. EX for BARBER
B=2,A=­4,R­=3,­B=2­,E=1, ELSE 6
Beyer Moore: Same, but also create a table for the substring matches


Insertion Sort: Compare items sequen­tially
Topo sort is DFS, record PopPush
MergeSort O(nlogn) QuickSort O(n^2)
Tree Traversal: Preorder: Ro,L,R­|In­ord­er:­L,R­o,R­|Po­st:­L,R,Ro|
AVL Tree cannot have a height difference > 1