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Windows Terminal Cheat Sheet by

Windows Terminal Cheat Sheet with all Key Bindings based on Windows Terminal docs

Applic­ation Level Commands

Alt + F4
Close window
Ctrl + Shift + f
Ppens the search dialog box
Ctrl + Shift + Space
Opens the dropdown menu
Ctrl + ,
Open settings files
Alt + Enter
Toggle full screen

Visual Adjustment Commands

Ctrl + =
Increase font size
Ctrl + "­-"
Decrease font size
Ctrl + 0
Reset font size

Scrollback Commands

Ctrl + Shift+ PGUP
Scroll up a whole page
Ctrl + Shift+ PGDN
Scroll down a whole page
Ctrl + Shift + Up
Scrolls the screen up by the number of rows
Ctrl + Shift + Down
Scrolls the screen down by the number of rows

Tab Management Commands

Ctrl + Shift + t
Creates a new default tab
Ctrl + Shift + "Tab number­"
Create a new tab by it order
Ctrl + Tab
Opens the tab to the right of the current one
Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Opens the tab to the left of the current one
Ctrl + Alt + "Tab number­"
Open a specific tab

Custom­­izing Key Bindings

User Settings
All custom­­iz­a­tions are set in setti­­ngs.json, as found via the Settings menu. No GUI is available in v1.0.
Hold the Alt-key while pressing the Settings menu to open defau­­lts.json. This is useful when building your own setti­­ng.j­­son!
Key bindings are set in the "­ke­­ybi­­nd­i­n­gs­­" block as: { "­­co­m­m­an­­d":"c­­md­N­a­me­­", "­­ke­y­s­"­:"m­­od+­­ke­y­"}
Some commands take additional action arguments to modify the behavior.

Pane Management Commands

Alt + Up
Move cursor up
Alt + Down
Move cursor down
Alt + Right
Move cursor right
Alt + Left
Move cursor left
Alt + Shift + Up
Resize active pane up
Alt + Shift + Down
Resize active pane down
Alt + Shift + Right
Resize active pane right
Alt + Shift + Left
Resize active pane left
Alt+Shift+ "­-"
Split pane horizo­ntally
Alt+Shift+ "­+"
Split pane Vertically
Ctrl + Shift+ PGUP
Scroll up a whole page

Clipboard Integr­ation Commands

Ctrl + c
Ctrl + v

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