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Ipython Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Ipython cheat sheet

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Ipython Notebook Server

To start the ipython notebook server :
ipython notebook --pylab inline
To start the ipython notebook server with a pre-ex­isting profile:
ipython notebook --prof­ile­=nb­server

Load modules not in path

In order to load modules not currently in the Python path:

import sys­th.a­pp­end­('/­dat­a/s­hat­ner')
from shatner import awesome

Ipython Notebook Keyboard Shortcuts

run cell
run cell in-place
Ctrl-m x:
cut cell
Ctrl-m c:
copy cell
Ctrl-m v:
paste cell
Ctrl-m d:
delete cell
Ctrl-m a:
insert cell above
Ctrl-m b:
insert cell below
Ctrl-m o:
toggle output
Ctrl-m 0:
toggle output scroll
Ctrl-m l:
toggle line numbers
Ctrl-m s:
save notebook
Ctrl-m j:
move cell down
Ctrl-m k:
move cell up
Ctrl-m y:
code cell
Ctrl-m m:
markdown cell
Ctrl-m t:
raw cell
Ctrl-m 1-6:
heading 1-6 cell
Ctrl-m p:
select previous
Ctrl-m n:
select next
Ctrl-m i:
interrupt kernel
Ctrl-m .:
restart kernel
Ctrl-m h:
show keyboard shortcuts