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neovim-tmux Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

keymaps for neovim and tmux

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

neovim keymaps - normal mode

go to Explore
append next line but keep cursor in same place
scroll half page up, keep cursor in middle of screen
scroll half page down, keep cursor in middle of screen
yank into system clipboard
yank entire line into system clipboard

neovim keymaps - visual mode

move block of highli­ghted code down
move block of highlight code up
yank into system clipboard

neovim keymaps - insert mode

allow for pasting over highlight and keep previous copied

neovim - fugitive

git status - go to fugitive
G <git comman­d>
run git command (G add .)

neovim - telescope

find in files
find in git files
grep search

neovim - undotree

toggle undotree

neovim - lsp


neovim - lsp

cmp select previous item
cmp select next item
cmp confirm select = true
cmp complete
buf defintion
buf hover
(insert mode) buf signature help
buf workspace symbol
buf code action
buf references
buf rename
diag open float
diag go to next
diag go to previous

neovim - harpoon

add file
C-e a
open quick menu
go to file 1
go to file 2
go to file 3
go to file 4

vim - normal

when on bracket, go to other openin­g/c­losing bracket
highlight block of code inside braces
highlight block including braces

tmux sessions

tmux ls
list sessions
tmux new -s <na­me>
create new session
tmux a -t <na­me>
attach to session
tmux kill-s­ession -t <na­me>
C-b $
rename session

tmux windows

C-b c
create window
C-b w
list windows
C-b ,
rename window
C-b &
kill window
C-b <nu­mbe­r>
go to window <nu­mbe­r>
C-b l
go to last window
C-b n
go to next window

tmux panes

C-b %
split pane vertically
C-b "
split pane horizo­ntally
C-b q
show pane numbers
C-b o
go to next pane
C-b x
kill pane
C-b !
close all other panes
C-b +
move pane into new window
C-b -
move pane back to previous tab
C-b <ar­row>
move to pane in <ar­row> direction

tmux general

set-option -g pane-a­cti­ve-­bor­der-fg <co­lor>
set active pane to <co­lor>
bind '"' split-­­window -c "­­#{­p­a­ne­­_cu­­rr­e­n­t_­­pat­­h}­"
When splitting a pane horizo­­nt­ally, create the new pane from the current directory
bind % split-­­window -h -c "­­#{­p­a­ne­­_cu­­rr­e­n­t_­­pat­­h}­"
When splitting a pane vertic­­ally, create the new pane from the current cirectory
bind c new-window -c "­­#{­p­a­ne­­_cu­­rr­e­n­t_­­pat­­h}­"
When creating a new window , create from the current directory.