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Google Analytics Limits and Quotas Cheat Sheet by


Data Collection & Processing

10 mln hits per month
Premium: virtually unlimited
200,000 hits per user per day
500 hits per session
Excluding E-Commerce
Timing hits == 1% of pageviews
Can be configured in GA Tracker
200,000 sessions per day and more - 48 hours data freshness
Premium: Up to 1 billion

Hits per second per tracker

Starts with 20, replenish rate 2 per sec
Universal Analytics (analy­tic­s.js)
starts with 60 hits that are replen­ished at a rate of 1 per 2 sec
Android SDK, iOS SDK

Data Import

Data Sources per Property
File size limit
Row limit

Accounts and Profiles

100 GA Accounts per login
Might be increased
50 properties per GA Account
Might be increased
25 Views per Property
Might be increased to 200
100 Custom Tables
Premium only
20 Custom Dimensions
Premium: 200
20 Custom Metrics
Premium: 200
5 Custom Variables
Premium: 50
Every 6 hours BigQuery Export
Premium only

API limits

50,000 requests
per project per day. Can be increased
10 queries
per second per IP
500 write requests
per project per day
50 Upload operations
per property per day

Data Import

10 GB
per property
10 GB
per data set


20 Goals
per View
20 Funnel steps
per Goal
maximum Goal Value
20 Private Dashboards
per user per View
50 Shared Dashboards
per View per Account
12 widgets
in Dashboard


4 Advanced Segments
Per report in portal
100 Custom Segments
Per login
5 tabs
In Custom Report
1 Secondary Dimension
In standard reports
10 Metrics
in custom Report, Explorer mode
25 Metrics
in custom Report, Flat Table mode
5 Dimensions
in Custom Report
5 Filters
in Custom Report
50 Characters
for Custom Report entity names
100 Custom Reports
per account
50k of rows/d­istinct values before aggreg­ation
Premium: 75
1 mln conver­sions
used in Multi-­Channel Funnel before sampling
200,000 unique conversion paths
per day. Others aggregated
100,000 session
in Flow Visual­ization reports

Mobile Properties

2048 bytes
Screen Name
150 bytes
Exception Descri­ption
150 bytes
Applic­ation Installer ID
100 bytes
Applic­ation Version
150 bytes
Applic­ation ID
100 bytes
Applic­ation Name

Data Import Processing Time

1 TB
per Property
Premium only
20 GB
per Data Set
Premium Only

Data Import Query Time

1 GB
per property
Premium only
1 GB
per data set
Premium only


Some strings data size is provided in bytes to support intern­ati­ona­liz­ation. Strings are encoded in UTF-8. Every latin character uses 1 bytes, non-latin - 2 and more

Data Fields Length

80 characters
Custom Alert name
256 characters
in Filter pattern
128 characters
in Custom Variable
1500 bytes
Document Title
2048 bytes
Document Path
100 bytes
Document Hostname
2048 bytes
Document Location URL
2048 bytes
Document Referrer
150 bytes
Custom Dimension Value
40 bytes
Content Experiment ID


150 bytes
Event Name
500 bytes
Event Category
500 bytes
Event Action
500 bytes
Event Label
Non-ne­gative Integer
Event Value

Campaigns Parameters

100 bytes
Campaign Name
100 bytes
Campaign Source
50 bytes
Campaign Medium
500 bytes
Campaign Keyword
500 bytes
Campaign Content
100 bytes
Campaign ID


500 bytes
Transa­ction ID
500 bytes
Transa­ction Affili­ation
500 bytes
Item Name
500 bytes
Item Code
500 bytes
Item Category

Enhanced E-Commerce

200 products
per Transa­ction
500 bytes
Product SKU
500 bytes
Product Name
500 bytes
Product Brand
500 bytes
Product Category
500 bytes
Product Variant
500 bytes
Product Coupon code


50 bytes
Social Network name
50 bytes
Social Action
2048 bytes
Social Action Target


150 bytes
User Timing Category
500 bytes
User Timing Variable name
500 bytes
User Timing Label




Nice one.. Thanks for sharing.

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Bagaimana caranya mengerti? Saya blm paham

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