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vim.spf13 Cheat Sheet by

Keys combination and other notes while exploring's "The Ultimate Vim Distribution"

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Changing Defaults

Word Wrapping
set nowrap

Mini recipes

Replace tabs with spaces
%s/\t/ /g


Always in ~/.vim­rc.l­ocal

Disable python (for erros in OS/X)
let g:pymode = 0

disable tabs showing as ',...'
set nolist

disable folding
set nofold­enable

Ubuntu specific

For Solarized (origi­nally from: http:/­/tw­ois­m.p­ost­ero­us.c­om­/vi­m-j­anu­s-a­nd-­sol­ari­zed­-on­-ub­unt­u-d­one­-right )

" ~/.vim­rc.l­ocal
let g:sola­riz­ed_­ter­mco­lor­s=256
set t_Co=16
set backgr­oun­d=dark
colors­cheme solarized


I cannot maintain or enhance this cheat sheet. Anyone that might want to to step up?

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