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gitutils Cheat Sheet by [deleted]


Gitutils is a tool to facilitate server­-side operations when developing software that uses git reposi­tories. It allows users to create forks and merge requests directly from the command line interface.

FORK : Fork existing reposi­tories into your own personal space. Doing a fork is strongly recomm­ended to freely experiment your changes and/or develo­pment in a safe working space without affecting the original project.

MERGE : Merge existing reposi­tories from your personal space into the original reposi­tory. Merge has the purpose of joining different reposi­tories to incorp­orate changes into reposi­tory.
for the full docume­nta­tion:


Use conda to install the latest stable version of Gitutils:

conda install -c paulsc­her­rer­ins­titute gitutils
Gitutils is compatible with Python 3.5+.

Fork examples

Fork and clone:
gitutils fork <gr­oup­_na­me>­/<r­epo­_na­me>
Fork and not clone:
gitutils fork <gr­oup­_na­me>­/<r­epo­_na­me> -n
Fork, clean and clone:
gitutils fork <gr­oup­_na­me>­/<r­epo­_na­me> -c
Fork, clean and not clone:
gitutils fork <gr­oup­_na­me>­/<r­epo­_na­me> -c -n

Merge examples

merge (default title and descri­ption):
gitutils merge
merge (from project's direct­ory):
gitutils merge -t <ti­tle> -d <de­scr­ipt­ion>
gitutils merge -p <gr­oup­_na­me>­/<r­epo­_na­me> -t <ti­tle> -d <de­scr­ipt­ion>
if -p is not indicated, gitutils fetches project from the

Gitutils arguments

-h (help):
Shows the help message and exit
-e (endpo­int):
Allows the user to change the endpoint of the git server. Default: https:­//g­it.p­
gitutils -h

gitutils -e https:­//m­y-g­it-­ser­ <fo­rk_­or_­mer­ge>

Fork arguments

-n (no clone):
Indicates that the forked project will not be cloned after forking. A fork will be created on the server­-side and no clone nor upstream will be generated on the local git server.
-c (clean):
Indicates to delete any existing fork project under your personal group. This might be necessary to fork and clone into a clean copy of the original reposi­tory. The desired forked project must not be a pre-ex­isting forked project under your personal projects.
To see the help message for fork:
gitutils fork -h

Merge arguments

-p (project):
Indicates the project to be forked.
-t (title):
The title of the merge request that is going to be created.
-d (descr­ipt­ion):
The descri­ption of the merge request that is going to be created.
To see the merge help message:
gitutils merge -h


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