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Beer packaging Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Packaging purposes

• Physical protection • Barrier protection • Contai­nment or agglom­eration • Inform­ation transm­ission • Marketing • Security • Conven­ience • Portion control
• Primary, the material that holds and contains the product • Secondary, the material outside the primary packaging, often used to group primary packages together • Tertiary and packaging systems, the material used for bulk handling, wareho­using and transp­ort­ation
Primary containes:
Bottles, cans, kegs, casks [immediate and future consum­ption, can be one-use or refill­able]
Single opener, reseal­able, functions as dust cover and tampering seal
Secondary packaging:
Enable tertiary packaging • Protect primary packaging against damage during transport and distri­bution • Provide handy clusters easy and convenient for consumers to handle • Promote the products towards customers and consumers
Pallets lmao
neck, sidewall, inner sidewall, base, bottle colour, causti­c/r­esidual liquid, scuffing

Preforms, PET

PET pre-forms are produced and blown into finished bottles in the same machine.
Two-stage process
PET pre-forms are produced and stored in contai­ners. One advantage is that the pre-forms take up less space than the finished bottles.

Berg’s Capacity - V!

Make sure the filler is the slowest part to ensure no holdups


Main focus:
Avoid beer loss
Ensure nominal fill
Avoid contam­ina­tion, precent air and oxidation, avoid CO2 loss
Types of filling
Counter pressure (Level filling, Volumetric fillin­g[M­etering chamber with transsonar level probes])
Gravity filling
Mechanical valve (Conve­nti­onal), Electr­o-p­neu­matic valve
When to do what:
Level filling • Return­abl­ean­dno­n-r­etu­rna­ble­gla­ssb­ottles • Returnable PET bottles (regar­dless of size) • Smalld­iam­ete­rco­nta­iners
Volumetric filling • Dimens­ion­ala­ccu­rat­eco­nta­iners • Large diameter containers (in neck area) • Nonetr­ans­par­ent­con­tainers • Typically: High quality one way plastic bottles and cans of larger volumes


1 PU is 1 minute at 60°C .
PU = t * 1.393^­(T-60)
Flash Pasteu­ris­ation
Beer is heated in a plate heat exchanger, held at 68–72°­Cfor30– 50 sec, then cooled down again


Cold glue vs self adhesive