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WH CSS UTILITIES Cheat Sheet by [deleted]

WH Current CSS utilities

These utilities can be used everywhere in order to apply simple rules which are not likely to change. Note that every rules has !important attached to it to override property values applied in other places.

Utility Display

Display to none
.u-show || .u-blk
Display to block
Display to inline
Display to inline­-block

Utility Spacing

Margin to 0
Padding to 0
Horizontal margin to auto

Utility Clearfix

Clear floated elements inside

Utility Float

Float to left
Float to right
Float to none

Utility Position

Position relative
Position absolute
Position fixed
Position static

Utility Opacity

Opacity to 0
Opacity to 30%
Opacity to 40%
Opacity to 60%
Opacity to 80%
Opacity to 100%

Utility Textalign

Text to left
Text to right
Text to center
Text to justified


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