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Household Chores Cheat Sheet by [deleted]

Cleaning could be fun, cleaning could be easy. Get motivated and follow the cheat sheet.

Every Day

Make beds
Put your stuff back on their places, after you used them
Wash dishes
Empty trash

Twice a Week


Once a Week

Mop the floor
Change bedding

Once Every Two Weeks

Check the fridge for perishable food
Toilet and shower cleaning
Vacuum uphols­tered furniture
Wipe leathered furniture

Once a Month

Wipe blinds
Sweep the patio and garage
Clean the oven and microwave

Every Three Months

Clean air-co­ndi­tioner filters
Dust the top of cabinets
Clean the fridge

Every Six Months

Window cleaning
Carpet and rug cleaning
Chande­liers cleaning

Once a Year

Declutter the basement and garage
Mattress cleaning
Curtains cleaning
Wall washing
Clean behind and under your furniture

Closet Organizing Tip

If you didn't wear the cloth for more than an year - give it to charity.

Vacuum Cleaning Tips

Empty the bag before it's full
Wash the dirty filter
Vacuum in both directions

Tips For Easier Cleaning

Get motivated
Get into a routine
Get the right equipment
Get the kids to help

Tips for Funnier Cleaning

Play music
Make the cleaning a game
Clock racing (if you are alone) - guess how long it would take to clean the room; if you finish quicker - reward yourself
Cleaning points (if you are not alone) - assign a points for every cleaning tasks; in the end of the month, whoever has the most points wins the prize

Who We Are?

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