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WeentBlog Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Seems like our buddies at inneractive really love Corona developers – so much so that they have decided to do yet another special Corona promo for the third month straight!

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Corona SDK promo by innera­ctive for March 2019

For the month of March, innera­ctive will be offering a “Disco Pack” for app discovery. The Disco Pack will utilize innera­ctive’s premium in-app inventory for banners, promoting your app and linking to the download page. All what you gotta do is sign up and­ send over the banners — innera­ctive will take care of the rest.

App of the Week (March 12, 2019): Monster Splash

We’ve seen many s­uccess storie­s w­ith­ Co­ron­a SDK, but this one especially caught our eye.

Scott from Free Fall Apps had been using Corona for a grand total of three weeks before he managed to create his first game — the marine life jumper­ Mo­nster Splash. Not only that, but his first game is now our latest App of the Week! 

Monster Splash­ takes the familiar gameplay of a mobile jumper like D­oodle Jump and wraps it in a fun, quirky ocean motif. You can select between eight lovable urchin characters to play through four beautiful underwater levels, including a coral reef, the deep sea, a shipwreck, and even Antarc­tica.

The gameplay is pretty simple: Swim up (“jump”) as high as you can for as long as you can to rack up points (unfor­tun­ately, you’ll never reach the surface of the water).  All the while, avoid enemies and keep an eye out for power-ups to further boost your score and subsequent bragging rights.

Maybe I’m just a sucker for ocean games (remem­ber­ Re­dneck Jellyf­ish?), but I love­d how the physics and animation worked in this game to further reinforce the deep sea feel. While it also fulfills the aesthetics of the game, the slower “water resist­ance” of the in-game physics also serves to keep the gameplay from hitting too frantic of a pace. On top of that, there’s enough variation among power-ups and obstacles to keep this “endless jumper” from getting too boring early on — which tends to be a problem with most “endless” games!

Go get Mo­nster Splash in the App Store now, and be sure to let @FreeF­all­App­z know what you think of it.

New release: OpenPlug Studio CR14

An updated version of OpenPlug Studio has just been released (v3.0.1­0.3­2-149)

We have also implem­ented iCloud key/value store which lets you store small data in iCloud and share it between instances of your applic­ation. Moreover, for devices running Android or an earlier version of iOS, such data is stored locally, without sync', check our blog - https:­//j­ata­pp.c­om­/bl­og/­lea­rni­ng-­man­age­men­t-s­yst­em-­dev­elo­pme­nt-­ste­p-b­y-s­tep­-gu­ide/. Check the updated UICatalog from OpenPlug Studio CR 14 "­import sample­" box for sample code on iCloud.

iOS distri­bution signing on Windows and Mac

Sign your iOS applic­ations for distri­bution right from OpenPlug Studio. There is no more need for signing with Xcode! IPA package signature for both develo­pment and iTunes distri­bution was completed with the additional support of:

Apple Push Notifi­cation service
in App purchase
And it runs seamlessly on Mac and Windows machines.

jQuery.ajax support

OpenPlug Studio builds apps faster

We implem­ented a subset of the original jQuery AJAX to let you place and process asynch­ronous HTTP request quickly. You can now build your own AJAX library in JavaScript and re-use it in your OpenPlug Studio applic­ations AND in your website.

Check the jQuery.AJAX docume­ntation in the API reference and the updated UICatalog from OpenPlug Studio CR 14 "­import sample­" box for sample code.

Change Requests

As part of this release comes a number of bug fixes requested by our users through the vote for change requests page, including (amongst others):

System­­tNe­two­rkC­onn­ect­ion­Type: Generic API to check if the device is connected over 3G or Wifi
Check out the release notes for more details

Important Notice - Last OpenPlug Studio Releas­eLast OpenPlug Studio Release is Out !Today we have some important news about OpenPlug Studio.

Our parent company Alcate­l-L­ucent has decided to stop future develo­pment of the product and the associated resources will soon be reassigned to other projects.

Version CR15 has just been released. This is the last release of the tool. You can download it here. This new version can be used without logging in to the Developer Zone, for an indefinite period of time, and all offline usage prompts have been removed. It also brings a number of change requests implem­ent­ations (e.g. native Android buttons) and a number of bugfixes. Please see the release notes for details.

What happens next ?

We will continue to provide questions & answers support through the Forum until December 23rd, 2011.After this date, you will still be able to use OpenPlug Studio version CR15 for an indefinite amount of time, however we will not provide support or new releas­es.We will provide moderator rights on the Forum to select key contri­butors at the beginning of 2012, if you are interested in becoming a moderator please contact us.Eff­ective immedi­ately, it is not possible for new users to register on this websit­e.This website will stay up until December 28th 2012 so that community members can help each others' out through the Forum.We want to heartily thank you for the interest you have shown in our product and are very sorry that our story together comes to such an end.