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Bunny Engineering Intro Cheat Sheet by

Trello & product develo­pment

We use trello to define small and well defined cards. There are three types of cards:
1.User story cards : Concrete user functi­onality
2.Spec bug cards : Concrete fix
3.Engi­neering cards: Concrete technical enhanc­ement
4.Plain short , not-so­-se­xy-­cards: Nice to have ideas

Boards and cards


Daily Scrum (15 min)
Who?: DT, SM & PO
Purpose: Share progress, pendings and blockers.
Sprint Review (30 min per sprint)
Who?: DT, SM & PO
Purpose: Present to the PO the results of the sprint.
Sprint Retros­pective (30 min per sprint)
Who?: HE & DT
Purpose: Share thoughts about the last sprint , evaluate and write lessons
Planning Poker (75 min per sprint)
Who?: HE , HA & DT
Purpose: Estimate effort for cards in the product planning board
Product owners can request meetings to pitch and develop new ideas
DT= Dev Team,S­M=Scrum Master­,PO­=Pr­oduct Owner,­TL=Tech Lead, HE=Head of Engine­ering, HA=Head of Archit­echture

Product guidelines

1. Be familiar with the product and the product dev process.
2. Always keep on sync specs and code
3. Commun­icate contin­uosly ak & share
4. Be inquis­itive propose better things
5. Be crazy Innovate
6. Pay attention to detail
7. Use our style guide
8. Pay attention to simetry
9. Check browser compat­ibility IE9,10 and latest versions for all major browsers. Ipad, iphone and android devices too.
10. Test. Push live. Test. Repeat
11. If the main funnel is affected get green light from a product owner


We have JIRA Boards and all the bugs are assigned for the best suitable engineer, Bugs have priority and a resolution time (1 hour to 10). Every sprint one member is assigned full time to provide technical support to the OPS Team.


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