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ABS Costing Income Statement CH Twelve

Variable Costing Income Statement

Reconcile the difference between the two income statem­ents.
=Fixed OH/Unit x Remaining units in inventory
=diffe­rence between to income statements

Ch Sixteen

Calculate the budgeted costs for 2013 and prepare an interim quality perfor­mance report.

The Taguchi Loss Function CH Sixteen

Taguchi Loss Function Ch Sixteen

Quality Loss
Loss at the lower or upper spec limit
Distance of limit from target value
Actual value of Quality
Target Value of Quality

Ch.Thi­rteen Ext. Linkages ABS Supplier Costing

Calculate the cost per component for each supplier, taking into consid­eration the costs of the qualit­y-r­elated activities and using the current prices and sales volume.

Organi­zat­ional Activities and Drivers

Sales Mix Variances Ch.Twelve

[(Product 1 Act Units Sold – Product 1 Budget Units Sold) x
(Product 1 Budget CM [Per Unit] - (Budget Avg Unit CM) +
(Product 2 Act Units Sold – Product 2 Budget Units Sold) x
(Product 2 Budget CM [Per Unit] - (Budget Average Unit CM)]

Ch Thirteen Activi­ty-­Based Supplier Costing

Calculate the activity rates for assigning costs to suppliers

Operat­ional Activities and Drivers

Examples of Quality Costs by Category

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