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Marketing Call checklist

STEP 1: Set the appoin­tment

Introduce yourself
Make sure it’s a good time to talk
Explain why you’re calling
Offer the client their WIIFM – What’s in it for me?
Schedule a meeting at the client’s conven­ience
Suggest a specific time and work it from there
Try to make it within a few days
Explain how you got their name, especially if it was a referral from a colleague

STEP 2: Do your homework

Research the organi­zation
Overall mission
Programs and initia­tives
Budget alloca­tions
Hot topics­/cu­rrent challenges and pressures
Organi­zat­ional culture
Historical relati­onship with the Firm
Research the client you’ll be meeting with
Profes­sional history
Roles and respon­sib­ilities
Current challenges
Hot and cold buttons
Historical relati­onship with the Firm

STEP 3: Prepare meeting agenda

Identify the right people, right number of Firm partic­ipants to attend
Determine your objectives for the meeting (“What do I want to get out of the meeting?”)
Formulate questions that match your objectives
Assess your ability to accomplish your objectives during the given time for the meeting
Anticipate your client’s concerns
Consider what next steps you might be able to offer and/or materials that you could leave with the client (“leave behind” items such as an executive summary or best practices matrix from unclas­sified client delive­rables)
Determine roles and respon­sib­ilities during the meeting (a best practice is to have two staff)

STEP 4: Conduct the meeting

Opening the meeting
Establish rapport by adapting to your client’s style
Throughout the meeting
Manage the time against your objectives
Listen actively
Seek clarif­ication of potential client needs/­pro­blems
Determine and adapt to your client’s style
Observe your client’s non-verbal cues
Assess your client’s intere­st/­inv­olv­ement
Closing the meeting
Summarize the meeting’s conclu­sions and commit­ments
Agree on next steps
Arrange a follow on meeting & determine who needs to be included
Thank the client for their time
Give the client your business card
Leave the client with materials that seem approp­riate

STEP 5: Follow up after the meeting

Thank the client again for his/her time
Deliver on your promises for further inform­ation, meetings, etc.
Offer additional inform­ation as approp­riate going forward
Determine if any additional Firm personnel are now need to get involved. If so, who, and what specif­ically would you like them to do? What inform­ation will they need from you?
Determine what inform­ation you need from the other parts of the Firm and how you can find it
Schedule additional meetings with the client and with additional Firm staff
Give everyone credit who helped prepare for the meeting with the client, even though not everyone may have been present during the meeting
Provide updated, relevant inform­ation to your team


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