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ANDES for Power System Simulation Cheat Sheet by

A cheatsheet for the ANDES Power System Simulator.


ANDES is a symbol­ic-­numeric tool for power system analysis developed by CURENT. (Source code: GitHub)

ANDES is run with andes command optio­n(s). Please refer to All Commands section for available commands. Next, look up the corres­ponding section for options.

All Commands

Run a simulation routine.
Plot figures from output files.
Run the symbol­ic-­to-­numeric prepar­ation.
Miscel­laneous functions.
-v {10, 20, 30, 40, 50}
Logging verbosity. 10-DEBUG, 20-INFO, 30-WAR­NING, 40-ERROR, 50-CRI­TICAL.

andes run options

Input file name in relative or absolute path.
-r {tds, eig}
Routine to run. Options are tds (time-­domain simula­tion) and eig (eigen­value analysis).
Search path for cases.
Path for output files.
--convert [CONVERT]
Convert input files to FORMAT. The default is xlsx.
Enable Python cProfiler.
Disable all outputs.

andes plot options

One output file name to plot.
X-axis variable index. The default is 0 (time).
Y-axis variable index (or indices). Supports Python indexing.
Save figure to a PNG file.
Convert to a csv file.
X-axis minimum tick XMIN.
X-axis maximum tick XMAX.
Y-axis minimum tick YMIN.
Y-axis maximum tick YMAX.
Set figure DPI.
Grid on.
Disable LaTeX.
Disable figure showing.

andes misc options

Save config­ura­tions to a file.
Edit an existing config­uration file.
Clean all output files.

Basic Comman­d-Line Interface (CLI) Examples

Run power flow for case1­4.xlsx in the current directory:
andes run case14.xlsx
Run time-d­omain simulation for case1­4.x­lsx:
andes run case14.xlsx -r tds
Run TDS for case1­4.xlsx to simulate 40 seconds:
andes run case14.xlsx -r tds --tf 40
Run eigenvalue analysis for case1­4.x­lsx:
andes run case14.xlsx -r eig
Plot TDS variables with indices 2 and 4 against time:
andes plot case14­_ou­t.npy 0 2 4
Plot TDS variables with indices 2, 4, ..., 20 against time:
andes plot case14­_ou­t.npy 0 2:21:2

Advanced CLI Examples

Save ANDES config­uration file to home directory:
andes misc --save
Edit ANDES config­uration file in home directory:
andes misc --edit
Batch run power flow for all files with the .xlsx extension:
andes run *.xlsx
Run TDS with verbose outputs for debugging:
andes -v 10 run case14.xlsx -r tds
Run TDS with profiling and print the results:
andes run case14.xlsx -r tds --profile

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