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Proxmark3 Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet contains many useful commands to help you get started with Proxmark3.
Big thanks to Alex Dib, Philippe Teuwen and Iceman over on the RfidRe­sea­rch­Group GitHub for their cheat sheet!


Reverse Permute Master Key
hf iclass permute r 3F90EB­F09­10F7B6F
Simulate Reader
hf iclass reader
hf iclass dump k AFA785­A7D­AB33378
Read Block
hf iclass readblk b 7 k AFA785­A7D­AB33378
Write to Block
hf iclass writeblk b 07 d 6ce099­fe7­e614fd0 k AFA785­A7D­AB33378
Print Keystore
hf iclass managekeys p
Add Key to Keystore [0-7]
hf iclass managekeys n 0 k AFA785­A7D­AB33378
Encrypt Block
hf iclass encryptblk 000000­0f2­aa3dba8
Load Dump
hf iclass eload f iclass­_ta­gdu­mp-­fil­ena­me.bin
hf iclass sim 3
Simulation notes:
0 <CS­N> simulate the given CSN
1 simulate default CSN
3 Full simulation using emulator memory
Simulate iClass Sequence
pm3 > hf iclass dump k AFA785­A7D­AB33378

pm3 > hf iclass eload f iclass­_ta­gdu­mp-­db8­837­02f­8ff­12e­0.bin

pm3 > hf iclass sim 3

Clone iClass Legacy Sequence
pm3 > hf iclass readblk b 7 k AFA785­A7D­AB33378

pm3 > hf iclass writeblk b 07 d 6ce099­fe7­e614fd0 k AFA785­A7D­AB33378

iClass loclass attack

Extract custom iClass key (loclass attack)
pm3 > hf iclass sim 2

pm3 > hf iclass loclass f iclass­_ma­c_a­tta­ck.bin

pm3 > hf iclass dump k <Kc­us> e

Verify custom iClass key
pm3 > hf iclass lookup u 010a0f­fff­7ff12e0 p feffff­fff­fffffff m 663489­791­53c41b9 f defaul­t_i­cla­ss_­key­s.dic e

Generic Commands

High Frequency Search
hf search
Low Frequency Search
lf search
Measure Antenna Charac­ter­istics
hw tune
Check Version
hw version
Check overall status
hw status


Check for Default Keys
hf mf chk *1 ? d defaul­t_k­eys.dic
Dump (0=Mini, 1=1k, 2=2k, 4=4k)
hf mf dump 1
Write to Block
hf mf wrbl 0 A FFFFFF­FFFFFF d3a285­9f6­b88­040­0c8­010­020­000­00016
Hardnested Attack
hf mf hardnested 0 A FFFFFF­FFFFFF 0 A w
Load Dump
hf mf eload 353C2AA6
hf mf sim u 353c2aa6
Run autopwn
hf mf autopwn
Simulate Mifare Sequence
pm3 > hf mf chk *1 ? d defaul­t_k­eys.dic

pm3 > hf mf dump 1

pm3 > script run dumptoemul -i dump.bin

pm3 > hf mf eload 353C2AA6

pm3 > hf mf sim u 353c2aa6

Clone Mifare 1K Sequence
pm3 > hf mf chk *1 ? d defaul­t_k­eys.dic

pm3 > hf mf dump

pm3 > hf mf restore 1 u 4A6CE843 k hf-mf-­A29­558­E4-­key.bin f hf-mf-­A29­558­E4-­dat­a.bin


lf indala read
lf indala demod
lf indala sim a00000­00c­2c436c1
Clone to T55x7
lf indala clone a00000­00c­2c436c1

Lua Scripts

List Scripts
script list
Convert .bin to .eml
script run dumptoemul -i filena­me.bin
Format Mifare card
script run format­Mifare -k FFFFFF­FFFFFF -n FFFFFF­FFFFFF -x

k <ke­y>       : the current six byte key

n <ke­y>       : the new key

a <ac­ces­s>    : the new access bytes

x             : execute the commands

HID Prox

lf hid read
lf hid demod
lf hid sim 200670012d
Clone to T5577
lf hid clone 200670012d
Convert Site & Facility code to Wiegand
lf hid wiegand 0 56 150
Brute force HID reader
a <fo­rma­t>        :  26|33|­34|­35|­37|­40|­44|­84"

f <FC> :  8-bit value, facility code"

c <CN>    :  (optional) Starting Number, max 65535"

d <de­lay>         :  delay in ms. Default 1000ms­"

v                 :  verbose logging, show all tries"

pm3 > lf hid brute a 26 f 224

pm3 > lf hid brute v a 26 f 21 c 200 d 2000

Raw Data

Get samples
data samples <si­ze>
Save samples
data save <fi­len­ame>
Load samples
data load <fi­len­ame>
raw samples [512-4­0000]


Read Hitag inform­ation
lf hitag info
Act as Hitag reader
lf hitag 26
Sniff Hitag traffic
lf hitag sniff
lf hitag sim c37818­1c_­a8f­7.ht2
Write to Block
lf hitag writer 24 499602D2 1 00000000
Simulate Hitag2 sequence
pm3 > lf hitag reader 21 56713368

pm3 > lf hitag sim c37818­1c_­a8f­7.ht2


Detect T55XX
lf t55xx detect
Demodu­lation Config
lf t55xx config FSK
Write to Block
lf t55xx wr b 0 d 00081040
Factory Reset Tag
lf t55xx wipe
Modulation Types


HID Prox is FSK

Indala is PSK


hi there
i ask about PM3
in china, pm3 sellers said it is not copying HID Iclass key.
but u wrote possible.
so i am confusing.
plz tell me Using PM3, iclass key copying possible?

hi i need information
PM3, it is possible to copy or read /write HID Iclass key code?
sellers said impossible
so i am confused by wrong information.
plz tell me correct information

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