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Accella Devenv Cheatsheet Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Cheatsheet to help you use the Accella Devenv

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

User Server vs Named Server

Each User has one User Namespaced Server that runs under the URL http:/­/de­ven­v.a­cce­lla­/us­er/­<us­ern­ame­>/
Each User can have as many named Servers as they like, as the name suggests they are named by the user and run under the url http:/­/de­ven­v.a­cce­lla­/us­er/­<us­ern­ame­>/<­ser­ver­nam­e>>/

Forwarding a Port to access an applic­ation

Since the Develo­pment Enviro­nment is running in its own private network, one must proxy the port to a gateway for you to access it. This is done using the following command

bore local <po­rt> --to odysse­us.a­ccella

2022-0­7-1­2T1­1:4­9:3­6.6­44654Z INFO bore_c­li:­:cl­ient: connected to server remote­_po­rt=­37417
2022-0­7-1­2T1­1:4­9:3­6.6­44713Z INFO bore_c­li:­:cl­ient: listening at odysse­us.a­cc­ell­a:37417

Now Odysse­us.a­ccella is listening on port 37417 to proxy to your enviro­nments port 5000
Simply navigate to http:/­/od­yss­­cel­la:­37417 in order to access your applic­ation

Important Inform­ation about Data Persis­tence


Any data outside of your home folder (/home­/<u­ser­nam­e>) will disappear when your server is stopped

The folder /var/a­cce­lla­/aibot is symlinked into your home directory to /home/­<us­ern­ame­>/a­ibo­t_data to ensure its persis­tance

Do not delete a Server unless you are sure

A Server can be stopped or deleted.

Once it has been stopped, it can be started again with already existing home directory.

If a Server has been deleted, so has its data

How to get back to the hub home?

Creating a Database Server

There is a Profile to create a Postgres Database Server

Upon starting it you are greeted by a Page listing the pod ip and a link stating "­Click here!".

The Pod IP is what you will need inside of your Develo­pment Enviro­nment to connect to the DB

The Link takes to a pgadmin page to manage your database.

Default Username: postgres
Default Password: Accella123