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Project Scorecard Cheat Sheet v.1 Cheat Sheet by

One pager on expectation of Project Status meeting, PM's responsibility and the Project Scorecard in general

What is a Project Scorecard

The Project Scorecard is a Project Monitoring and Control Tool created to quickly provide the status of every IT PMO project

Where is it located?

New Office 365 Sharepoint site
Sharepoint Site Specific Location
IT PMO/IT GOV/Pr­oject Status
Sharepoint Folder
View or Update Project Status

Key Terms/­Field Defini­tions

Unique Identifier
Project Name
Free-form title that was entered into the Project Request form under Project Name
Project Descri­ption
Free-form brief explan­ation of projec­t/e­ffort.
Project Manager
Project Manager's name
Project State
10 possible states to identify what stage the project is in
Project Status
Green:On track, Yellow:At risk, Red:tr­ailing, Blue:C­omp­lete, Gray:On hold
Project Trajectory
4 possible trends which call out the timeline progress toward completion
Status / Comments
Brief synopsis of accomp­lis­hments from prior week, targets for upcoming week, critical risks/­issues.
Hot Item
Select Yes or No if this project has been called­/wa­tched with scrutiny by management recently
CIO Dashboard
Select Yes or No if this project is on the CIO Dashboard
Business / IT
2 possible options Business or IT. If Project has a WAVE ID, select Business else IT
not defined yet
Project Type
Filtered on Project. Excludes Sub-Pr­oject, Operat­ional Support and Functional Support.
Lists the WAVE ID assigned to the project in McKinsey's WAVE
Identifies the Initiative to which the project is tied

Weekly Project Status Meeting PM Respon­sib­ilities

1. Update the Project Scorecard prior to weekly meeting
2. Show up to weekly meeting prepared to answer any questions
3. If you are unable to attend meeting, ensure you have a backup repres­ent­ative, i.e. Resource Manager, who is aware of the project status
4. Use standard format when updating Status­/Co­mments section M/D/In­itials
5. Minimum cadence for updates is once a week, though you can update more frequently if applicable
6. Call out any missing projects missing from the Project Scorecard before meeting
For questions about PM respon­sib­ili­ties, refer to your Resource Manager.

How to Update Project Scorecard Flowchart



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