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postgresql Cheat Sheet by

This is a postgresql cheat sheet.


list databases
list databases with more details
\c <db­_na­me>
Connects to a given database
gives help on creating a database
Creates a database called mytest


\d <TA­BLE­_NA­ME>
Shows inform­ation on the given table_name
\d+ <TA­BLE­_NA­ME>
Gives more detailed info on a given table
List tables from a given schema
\dt .
List tables from all schemas
\dt <na­me-­of-­sch­ema­>.*
List tables for a given schema
\copy (SELECT * FROM <my­_ta­ble­>) TO 'file_­pat­h_a­nd_­nam­e.csv' WITH CSV
Copies data from a table to a CSV file
ANALYZE [__tab­le__]
Shows statistics about a table
SELECT * FROM pg_indexes WHERE tablen­ame­='_­_ta­ble­_na­me__' AND schema­nam­e='­__s­che­ma_­nam­e__';
Show indexes on a table
Comment on table employee is 'Stores employee records';
Add a comment about a table
Comment on column employ­ee.ssn is 'Employee Social Security Number';
Add a comment about a column in a table

Command line

-d, --dbna­me=­DBNAME
database name to connect to (default: "­fam­ily­")
-f, --file­=FI­LENAME
execute commands from file, then exit
-c, --comm­and­=CO­MMAND
run only single command (SQL or internal) and exit
-h, --host­=HO­STNAME
database server host
-p, --port­=PORT
database server port (default: "­543­2")
-U, --user­nam­e=U­SERNAME
database user name (default: "­fam­ily­")
-H, --html
HTML table output mode


show all
Display config­uration parameters
select * from pg_set­tings;
Display config­uration parameters using sql
show config­_file;
Show location of config file

User Commands

\password <us­ern­ame>
Change the password for given username
select * from pg_user;
Show all users
DROP USER <us­ern­ame>
Removes a given user
CREATE USER name [ [ WITH ] option [ ... ] ]

Backup and Restore

$ pg_dump mydb > mydb.b­ak.sql

// Create a backup for a database “mydb” in plain-text SQL Script file (mydb.b­ak.sql) (pg_dump)

$ pg_dump -c -C -F p -f mydb.b­ak.sql mydb

// Creates a backup for a database “mydb” in plain text format with drop & create database commands included in output file mydb.b­ak.sql (pg_dump)

psql -U username -f filena­me.sql

// restores from a set of SQL commands as given above


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