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Are you a command line user? Do you long-running jobs via the terminal you don't want to close even if you accidentally lose your connection? If so, tmux is for you!

General controls

Default bind-key
^b (ctrl+b)
Enter a tmux command prompt
^b :


Start a new session
Attach to default session
tmux a
List existing sessions
tmux ls
Rename current session
^b $
Detach current client
^b d
Detach other clients
^b D

Windows (tabs)

Create a new window
^b c
Next window
^b n
Previous window
^b p
Select a window intera­ctively
^b w
Rename the current window
^b ,
Kill the current window
^b &
In the status bar (bottom) are the number­­/name of window­s.

Panes (verti­­ca­l­/­ho­­riz­­ontal splits)

Split current pane vertically
^b %
Split current pane horizo­­ntally
^b "
Navigate around panes
^b <arrow keys>
Resize the current pane
^b ^<arrow keys>
Swap pane location
^b ^o
Send the current pane to a new window
^b !
Toggle zoom current pane
^b z
Arrange panes in a tiled layout
^b alt+5
Arrange to a next preset layout
^b <sp­ace>
Kill current pane
^b x
There are many other key-bi­­ndings for resizing panes that are worth learning, but out of scope for a basic cheats­­heet.

Tmux command prompt

Toggle broadcast to all panes
setw synchr­oni­ze-­panes
To enter a tmux command prompt press ^b :

Config file for custom­ization

# Shortcut to 'synchronize panes' with '^b ='
bind = set -g synchronize-panes

# Enable mouse support
set -g mouse on

# Set panel border 'red' to active window
#set -g pane-active-border-style bg=red

# Set background 'red' to active window
#set -g window-active-style bg=red
Put this config in ~/.tmu­x.conf file.


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