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Wizards Wanted Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Quick reference guide for, the board game, Wizards Wanted.

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Manage your pixie dust, get the right spells, and get as much fame as you can.
Crash Course: The game board is split into three sections: Snow, field, mountain, there are 8 villages throughout the kingdom, pixie cost changes at the pixie dust market place every time you buy pixie dust with the pixie dust merchants charging a higher price, and the royal palace is in the center of the kingdom – go here to collect a spell license and special end game scoring bonus. The score keeping spaces are found on the outer rim of the board.

Player Quick Start

Select 1 of the 4 wizards, take the player board, wizard pawn, and score marker.
Charms give a bonus every time you complete a spell that matches the charm.
Each player starts with 30 pixie dust.
Put your score marker on the zero (0) spot on the outer rim of the board.

Board Setup Quick Start

Place the Traveling Mountain Pixie on the #1 stone space.
Place the Forest Pixie on the toadstool next to the Pixie Dust Market­place entrance.
Shuffle the Spell Job cards and deal one spell job, face up, to each builder space.
Put the Royal Inspector in the deck, in the bottom 5 cards.
Shuffle the Royal Seal tokens and place them face-down on the board.
Shuffle the Spell License cards equal to the number of players + 1 and place them face-down.
Stack the Charm Tokens on their matching spaces near the telepo­rtation stones.
Turn the Mushroom Tokens face-down and pile them next to the dust and coins.
The Inspector: Remove 4 cards and shuffle the inspector into these cards under the table and place them at the bottom of the spell job deck.
Note: If only two people are playing, remove 7 spell job cards and return them to the box.

Starting the Game

The player who most recently ate mushrooms plays first.
If there is a tie, use the “pick a number” method or dice to select who goes first (custom).
Pick any 8 village spots and place your wizard on one.
Turns are comprised of both Movement and Action.
Continue around the board clockwise (custom).