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Team 1418's FRC Cheat Sheet Cheat Sheet by

General Reference

RoboRIO Address:
Default Gateway
Robot Router SSID:


Veiwing Network Tables

Network Tables are used like a print statement for the robot. We are able to view the values being pushed into network tables from out laptops

Pushing Data to Network Tables
Create new table (Usally in robot init) = Networ­kTa­­tTa­ble­('S­mar­tDa­shb­oard')
Push value (In robot loop)
self.s­d.p­ut­Num­ber­("Value name", value))

Viewing Network Tables
1) Install robotpy's eclipse plugins
2) Connect to the robot's router on your laptop
3) Open eclipse and got to WPILib > Run Outline Viewer
4) Enter a host of: robor­io-­141­8.l­ocal
5) Click Start Client


if expre­ssion:
elif expre­ssion:

while expre­ssion:
 ­ ­sta­tements

for var in colle­ction:
 ­ ­sta­tements

for i in range(­st­art, end):
 ­ ­sta­tements


Pull Changes:
git pull
Add a File:
git add <file name>
Remove File:
git rm <file name>
Move FIle:
git mv <file name> <new file name/p­ath­>
git commit -m "­<insert comment here>"
git push <re­po/­rem­ote> <br­anc­hna­me>
Check Status:
git status

Command Line / Terminal

Change Folder­/Di­rec­tory:
cd <folder name>
List Files:
Delete File:
rm <file name>
Move File:
mv <file name> <new file name/p­ath­>
Create Folder:
mkdir <folder name>

Python Robot Simulator

BEFORE deploying code to the robot or pushing code to git make sure to test your code in the pyfrc simulator. This makes sure that your code will not crash the robot and can also be helpful when developing code at home away from the robot.

Running Simula­tor
1) Navigate 2016-­rob­ot/­robot/
2) Run the simulator with python3 sim

Deploy To Roborio

1) Change your wifi to the robot's wifi 1418
2) Navigate to the 2016-­rob­ot/­robot/ directory in terminal.
3) Use command python3 deploy to start deploying.
4) Use the robot address robor­io-­141­8.l­ocal when prompted

If no tests are in the 2016-­rob­ot/­tests/ directory then your will have to deploy with --bui­ltin

Update pyfrc: pip3 install --upgrade --user pyfrc

Help Us Go Positive!

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We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi


Resurgence-Robotics 1080 likes this idea! hope you don't mind if we make a similar sheet :)

Resurgence-Robotics 1080 likes this idea! hope you don't mind if we make a similar sheet :)

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