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Types of Feedback

Positive Feedback
Negative Feedback
Positive feedback has two principal functions: to let students know that they have performed correctly, and to increase motivation through praise.
Much of the feedback provided by teachers often seems to be rather automatic and its ultimate effect on the learners is doubtful.

Definition of Feedback

According to the Cambridge Dictio­nary, to give "­fee­dba­ck" is to give inform­ation or statements of opinion about something, in our case, education. Teachers need to be always providing feedback on perfor­mance when they are instru­cting their students.

More Different Types of Feedback

Praise: Motivate the student, create a positive atmosp­here.
Correc­tion: Target language and helpful correction to motivate students.
Advice and Encour­age­ment: What can students do to help themse­lves?
Evalua­tio­n/A­sse­ssment: How can students measure their success?

Why is Feedback Important?

Feedback is an essential part of the learning process, if you are a paying student then it stands to reason that you assume to receive support and encour­agement from the teacher.

Recomm­end­ations for Effective Feedback

Be positive with your students, but not on exager­ation.
Be honest always, but in a good way.
Keep constant on giving feedback at the end of every activity.
Motivate your students to do self-c­orr­ection.
Give advice to your students on how they can achieve a specific goal.
Always focus attention on the student.

Techniques for Giving Feedback

Ask student for self-a­sse­ssment.
Praise for their strenghts.
Past positive perfor­mance.
Tell them the perfor­mance you observe and how it differs from what you expect.
Tell them the perfor­mance you observe and how it differs from what you expect.
Present observed perfor­mance.
Ask students how they can improve.
Praise their ability to adapt and modify.
Future perfor­mance expected.


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