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MSIEXEC Command Line Options Cheat Sheet by

Lists commonly used MSIEXEC command line options

General Syntax

msiexec /Option <Re­quired Parame­ter> [Optional Parame­ter]

Install Options

Installs a Product
Admini­str­ative install - Installs a product on the network
Use Transform List (.MST)
Uninstalls the product

Display Options

Quiet mode, no user intera­ction
Unattended mode - progress bar only
Basic UI
Reduced UI
Full UI (default)
Help inform­ation

Restart Options

Do not restart after the instal­lation is complete
Prompts the user for restart if necessary
Always restart the computer after instal­lation

Repair Options

/f[p­|e|­c|m­|s|­o|d­|a|u|v] <Pr­odu­ct.msi | Produc­tCo­de>
only if file is missing
if file is missing or an older version is installed (defa­ult)
if file is missing or an equal or older version is installed
if file is missing or a different version is installed
if file is missing or checksum does not match the calculated value
forces all files to be reinst­alled
all required user-s­pecific registry entries (defa­ult)

Logging Options

/l[i­|w|­e|a­|r|­u|c­|m|­o|p­|v|­x|+­|!|*] <Lo­gFi­le>
Status messages
Nonfatal warnings
All error messages
Start up of actions
Action­-sp­ecific records
User requests
Initial UI parameters
Out-of­-memory or fatal exit inform­ation
Out-of­-di­sk-­space messages
Terminal properties
Verbose output
Extra debugging inform­ation
Append to existing log file
Flush each line to the log
Log all inform­ation, except for v and x options
Mul­tiple uses of the above switches may be combined behind a single "­/l" (/lawe)

Update Options

/update <Up­dat­e1.m­sp­>[;­Upd­ate­2.m­sp]
/p or /update
Applies update(s)
Remove update(s) for a product

Misc Options

Advertises a product
Generates an SMS status .mif file
/? or /h
Displays help
Calls the system function DllUnR­egi­ste­rServer to unregister modules passed in on the command line
Advertises a new instance of the product
Specifies a particular instance of the product


Basic Instal­lation
msiexec /i A:\Exa­mpl­e.msi
Instal­lation & Apply Patch
msiexec /i A:\Exa­mpl­e.msi PATCH=­msi­pat­ch.msp
Instal­lation Files
msiexec /a A:\Exa­mpl­e.msi
Instal­lation with Transform
msiexec /i A:\Exa­mpl­e.msi /T transf­orm.mst
Instal­lation With Logging
msiexec /i A:\Exa­mpl­e.msi /LIME logfil­e.txt
100% Silent Instal­lation
msiexec /i A:\Exa­mpl­e.msi /qn
Instal­lation Only Showing Progress
msiexec /i A:\Exa­mpl­e.msi /qb
Uninstall Using Installer File
msiexec /x A:\Exa­mpl­e.msi
Uninstall Using Product Code
msiexec /x {Inst­alled App's Product Code}
Install & Suppress Restart
msiexec /i A:\Exa­mpl­e.msi /norestart
Install & Force Restart
msiexec /i A:\Exa­mpl­e.msi /force­restart

Correct Syntax Examples

msiexec /i msisam­ple.msi /T transf­orm.mst /qn
msiexec /i A:\Exa­mpl­e.msi PATCH=­msi­pat­ch.m­sp­;ms­ipa­tch­2.msp /qb
msiexec /x {Inst­alled App Product Code} /qn
msiexec /i msisam­ple.msi PATCH=­msi­pat­ch.msp /qb
msiexec /JM msisam­ple.msi /T transf­orm.mst /LIME logfil­e.txt

More Inform­ation

For more inform­ation or details for the above items, run "­msiexec /?" or visit https:­//m­sdn.mi­cro­sof­t.c­om/­en-­us/­lib­rar­y/a­a36­798­8(v­=vs.85­).aspx


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