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MSIEXEC Command Line Options Cheat Sheet by

Lists commonly used MSIEXEC command line options

General Syntax

msiexec /Option <Re­quired Parame­ter> [Optional Parameter]

Install Options

Installs a Product
Admini­str­ative install - Installs a product on the network
Use Transform List (.MST)
Uninstalls the product

Display Options

Quiet mode, no user intera­ction
Unattended mode - progress bar only
Basic UI
Reduced UI
Full UI (default)
Help inform­ation

Restart Options

Do not restart after the instal­lation is complete
Prompts the user for restart if necessary
Always restart the computer after instal­lation

Repair Options

/f[p|e­|c|­m|s­|o|­d|a­|u|v] <Pr­odu­ct.msi | Produc­tCo­de>
only if file is missing
if file is missing or an older version is installed (default)
if file is missing or an equal or older version is installed
if file is missing or a different version is installed
if file is missing or checksum does not match the calculated value
forces all files to be reinst­alled
all required user-s­pecific registry entries (default)

Logging Options

/l[i|w­|e|­a|r­|u|­c|m­|o|­p|v­|x|­+|!|*] <Lo­gFi­le>
Status messages
Nonfatal warnings
All error messages
Start up of actions
Action­-sp­ecific records
User requests
Initial UI parameters
Out-of­-memory or fatal exit inform­ation
Out-of­-di­sk-­space messages
Terminal properties
Verbose output
Extra debugging inform­ation
Append to existing log file
Flush each line to the log
Log all inform­ation, except for v and x options
Multiple uses of the above switches may be combined behind a single "­/l" (/lawe)

Update Options

/update <Up­dat­e1.m­sp­>[;­Upd­ate­2.msp]
/p or /update
Applies update(s)
Remove update(s) for a product

Misc Options

Advertises a product
Generates an SMS status .mif file
/? or /h
Displays help
Calls the system function DllUnR­egi­ste­rServer to unregister modules passed in on the command line
Advertises a new instance of the product
Specifies a particular instance of the product


Basic Instal­lation
msiexec /i A:\Exa­mpl­e.msi
Instal­lation & Apply Patch
msiexec /i A:\Exa­mpl­e.msi PATCH=­msi­pat­ch.msp
Instal­lation Files
msiexec /a A:\Exa­mpl­e.msi
Instal­lation with Transform
msiexec /i A:\Exa­mpl­e.msi /T transf­orm.mst
Instal­lation With Logging
msiexec /i A:\Exa­mpl­e.msi /LIME logfil­e.txt
100% Silent Instal­lation
msiexec /i A:\Exa­mpl­e.msi /qn
Instal­lation Only Showing Progress
msiexec /i A:\Exa­mpl­e.msi /qb
Uninstall Using Installer File
msiexec /x A:\Exa­mpl­e.msi
Uninstall Using Product Code
msiexec /x {Installed App's Product Code}
Install & Suppress Restart
msiexec /i A:\Exa­mpl­e.msi /norestart
Install & Force Restart
msiexec /i A:\Exa­mpl­e.msi /force­restart

Correct Syntax Examples

msiexec /i msisam­ple.msi /T transf­orm.mst /qn
msiexec /i A:\Exa­mpl­e.msi PATCH=­msi­pat­ch.m­sp­;ms­ipa­tch­2.msp /qb
msiexec /x {Installed App Product Code} /qn
msiexec /i msisam­ple.msi PATCH=­msi­pat­ch.msp /qb
msiexec /JM msisam­ple.msi /T transf­orm.mst /LIME logfil­e.txt

More Inform­ation

For more inform­ation or details for the above items, run "­msiexec /?" or visit https:­//m­sdn.mi­cro­sof­t.c­om/­en-­us/­lib­rar­y/a­a36­798­8(v­=vs.85­).aspx


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