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Blizzard Enigma M4 Cheat Sheet by

Cheat Sheet for Blizzard Enigma M4 Console

General Operation

Quick Save
Select Fixture
Hold first number then press second number to specify range
Toggles between every other fixture
Reselects all of the fixtures
Locate Fixture
Sets all values to defaults. Double tap Locate to locate selected fixture
Reset Parameter
Hold Locate button and press parameter you would like to reset
Fixture Align (Softkey)
Changes pan/tilt feature to set fixture based on alignment selected
Clear all manual attributes
Double tap the Clear button
Change Color Mix
Tap Color Mix button and tap on Red, Green, or Blue attribute. This will pull up a color spectrum to select a color
Record Basic Cue
Press Save to Cue and then press Fader Number that you want to assign
Console Button Colors
Hold Shift and press Thru to cycle through color layouts
Special Attributes
Click on attributes on touch screen and a menu will appear. Select one and then you can roll the 4th encoder to cycle through them

Fader Mapping

Fader 1/1
RGB PARs Dimmer
Fader 1/2
RGBA PARs Dimmer
Fader 1/6
Inno Spot 1 Dimmer
Fader 1/7
Inno Spot 2 Dimmer
Fader 1/8
Inno Spot 3 Dimmer
Fader 1/9
Inno Spot 4 Dimmer
Fader 1/11
SHEHDS Wash 1 Dimmer
Fader 1/12
SHEHDS Wash 2 Dimmer
Fader 2/1
Inno Spot Color Chase

Effect Termin­ology

Effect Size
Changes size of the effect
Effect Speed
Changes speed of the effect
Effect Spread
Changes offset of fixtures parameters
Speed Group
Puts fixtures into groups of n
Block Group
Puts fixtures into n groups
Time of the cycle
Start Offset
offset in degree­s0-360
Stop Offset
Determines how many cycles effect runs for
Effect Directions
Determines Fixture order: ->,­<-,­<--­>,-­><-
Effect Modes
Relative or Absolute modes: Rel(Ce­nter), Rel(Up), Rel(Down), Absolute
Fixture Order
Allows for changing fixture order

Effect Descri­ptions

Figure 8/Ballyhoo (Pos Fx)
Fx Spread
Every other Fixture
Fixtures in groups of n
Figure 8 in a Linear pattern
Rotate in a Circle back and forth
Tilt Swap
Tilt up and down
Pan Swap
Pan up and down
Random Motion
Pause wait n seconds
Width is (n+m)/m
RGB Only Fixtures
Works on Color Wheel


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