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My Tmux configuration's main commands

General Commands

Default Bind Key
bind-key ?
Lists bind-key combin­­ations
bind-key :
Enter config options directly for current session

Windows and Panes

bind-key -
Split horizo­ntally
bind-key |
Split veritcally
bind-key Left-Arrow
Move to the left pane
bind-key Right-­Arrow
Move to the right (the correct one) pane
bind-key UpArrow
Move to the upper pane
bind-key Down-Arrow
Move to the lower pane
bind-key SPACE
Reorganize panes
bind-key Q
Show panes numbers
bind-key x
Kill curennt pane
bind-key !
Close all panes except current


bind-key ls
prints a list of existing tmux sessions
bind-key new -s <na­me>
Create a new tmux session name <na­me>
bind-key kill-s­ession -t <na­me>
Kill session <na­me>
bind-key $
Rename current session


Mouse scroll
Scroll over pane
bind-key PagUp
Scroll up
bind-key PageDown
Scroll down
CTRL+C (on scrolling)
Scroll down to the bottom (active line)

Other Tips & Tricks

set-­o­ption -g pane-a­­ct­i­v­e-­­bor­­der-fg <co­­lo­r­>
Surround the active pane with a specific color for easier identi­­fi­c­ation (color is from colour0 to colour255)


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