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FactoryBot is a fixtures replacement with a straightforward definition syntax, support for multiple build strategies (saved instances, unsaved instances, attribute hashes, and stubbed objects), and support for multiple factories for the same class (user, admin_user, and so on), including factory inheritance.

Defining factories

FactoryBot.define do

  # Default
  # It will use the User class
  factory :user do
    first_name { "John" }
    last_name { "Doe" }
    admin { false }

  # Specifying the class
  # It will use the User class, instead of Admin class
  factory :admin, class: User do
    first_name { "Admin" }
    last_name { "User" }
    admin { true }

Options (trans­ients)

factory :user do
  transient do
    upcased true

  after :create do |user, options|! if options.upcased
create(user, upcased: true)
Transient attributes will not get passed to the model, but will be available in after-­create hooks.

Nested Factories

factory :user do
  first_name 'John'

  factory :sample_user do
    first_name { Faker::Name.first_name }

create :sample_user


FactoryBot.define do
  factory :post do
    title { 'An awesome post' }
    body { 'Lorem Ipsum...' }

    trait :published do
      status { :published }

    trait :unpublished do
      status { :draft }
    trait :with_comments do
      after(:create) do |post|
        create_list :comment, 2, todo_item: post

# then in your test
let(:post) { create(:post, :published) }

# or even with
let(:post) { create(:post, :published, :with_comments) }
Trait helps you to remove duplic­ation.

Building factories

# Returns an User instance that's not saved
user =

# Returns a saved User instance
user = FactoryBot.create(:user)

# Returns a hash of attributes that can be used to build an User instance
attrs = FactoryBot.attributes_for(:user)

# Returns an object with all defined attributes stubbed out
stub = FactoryBot.build_stubbed(:user)

# Passing a block to any of the methods above will yield the return object
FactoryBot.create(:user) do |user|

# Overriding attributes of a factory
user =, first_name: "Joe")
# => "Joe"

# No matter which build strategy is used to override attributes
user = FactoryBot.create(:user, first_name: "Joe")
# => "Joe"


# If the factory name is the same as the association name, it's simple
factory :post do

# You can also specify a different factory or override attributes
factory :post do
  # ...
  association :author, factory: :user, last_name: "Writely"

# Builds and saves a User and a Post
post = FactoryBot.create(:post)
post.new_record? # => false # => false

# Builds and saves a User, and then builds but does not save a Post
post =
post.new_record? # => true # => false

Dependent attributes

factory :user do
  first_name { "Joe" }
  last_name { "Blow" }
  email { "#{first_name}.#{last_name}".downcase }
Attributes can be based on the values of other attrib­utes.


factory :user, aliases: [:author, :commenter] do
  first_name { "John" }
  last_name { "Doe" }
  date_of_birth { 18.years.ago }

factory :post do
  # instead of association :author, factory: :user
  title { "How to read a book effectively" }
  body { "There are five steps involved." }

factory :comment do
  # instead of association :commenter, factory: :user
  body { "Great article!" }
Aliases allow to use named associ­ations more easily.

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