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Freeplane Keyboard Shortcuts by

Custom shortcut keys for Productivity

View and Navigation

Center selected Node
Ctrl + 1
Navigate to Root Node
Navigate to Previous
Alt + Left
Navigate to Next
Alt + Right
Show/Hide Properties Panel
Alt + P
Show/Hide Notes Panel
Ctrl + Shift + . (>)
Fold All
Alt + Home
Fold one level
Alt + Page Up
Unfold one level
Alt + Page Down

Admin Config­uration

Manage Style
Ctrl + F11
Manage Condit­ional Style
Ctrl + F12

Condit­ional Styles

Core Text Matches regexp ^A[0­-9]*:

Images and Icons, Styles

Add Image
Ctrl + Shift + I
View Icons
Ctrl + F2
Progress +
Ctrl + . (>)
Progress -
Ctrl + , (<)
Style: Day
Ctrl + Shift + 1

Custom Styles

Added specific styles to indicate the Brian Tracy's priority A,B,C ,D & E


Link between nodes:  ­Select node1 and node2,
then Ctrl + L
Organize nodes:   Select the edge of the node and drag
Task Manage­ment:   Ctrl + T


Adjust the View Settings from (Menu > View > View Settings)
Rectan­gular Selection, Center selected node etc..
Assign Hot Keys to ease common operations

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