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This cheat sheet establishes certain factors and best practices that may be considered when implementing a product-aligned organization for a financial services organization.

Business Roles

Project Analyst
Requir­ements analysis for product features
Product Manager
Requir­ements for scope and DOD / DOR
Area Product Owner
Epic and Initiative backlog priori­tiz­ation
Product Owner
Strategic outcomes, Initia­tives and Roadmap
Head of Product
Oversight for Product Portfolio
Organi­zat­ional roles need to be defined and socialized as part of product defini­tion.

Technology Roles

Scrum Master
Agile coach and facili­tator of ceremonies
Agility Lead
Agility metrics and standard ways of working
Technical Lead
Lead systems engineer / developer
Technology Owner
Oversight and planning of technology
Head of Technology
Strategy and technical organi­zation management
Technical roles are to provide technical expertise and engine­ering support to create product features.

Archit­ecture and Design Roles

Business Architect
Product capability and process archit­ecture
Solution Architect
Applic­ation functions and services design
CX Design Lead
Customer user interface and feature behaviors
Access­ibility Design
Accounts for ADA / ease of use for disability users
Design Authority
Integr­ation and intero­per­ability design
Archit­ecture and design roles implement design patterns and experience features.


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