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Bismuth Kwin Keyboard Shortcuts by

Custom Bismuth Tiling Shortcuts. (Not a default ones!)


Focus Bottom Window
Meta + J
Focus Upper Window
Meta + K
Focus Left Window
Meta + H
Focus Right Window
Meta + L
Focus Next Window
Meta + N
Focus Prev Window


Increase Master Area Size
Meta + I
Decrease Master Area Size
Meta + Shift + I
Descrease Window Width
Meta + Ctrl + H
Increase Window Hegith
Meta + Ctrl + J
Decrease Window Height
Meta + Ctrl + K
Increase Window Width
Meta + Ctrl + L


Push Active Window to Main Area
Meta + Return
Move Window Down
Meta + Shift + J
Move Window Up
Meta + Shift + K
Move Window Left
Meta + Shift + H
Move Window Right
Meta + Shift + L
Move Window to the Next Position
Meta + Shift + N
Move Window to the Prev Position


Meta + R
Rotate (Reverse)
Meta + Shift + R
Rotate Part
Meta + Shift + P


Increase Master Area Window Count
Decrease Master Area Window Count


Switch to Next Layout
Meta + \
Switch to Prev Layout
Meta + |


Toggle Active Window Floating
Meta + F
Toggle Floating Layout
Meta + Shift + F
Toggle Monocle Layout
Meta + M
Toggle Tile Layout
Meta + T
Toggle Quarter Layout
Meta + !
Toggle Spiral Layout
Meta + @
Toggle Spread Layout
Meta + #
Toggle Stair Layout
Meta + $
Toggle Three Column Layout
Meta + %


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