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Extreme XOS Commands Cheat Sheet Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This post is meant to serve as a basic EXOS cheat sheet. It is by no means meant to be a configuration guide or thorough command reference. I will update this post periodically to add additional commands.

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Assign default VLAN IP address

configure vlan Default ipaddress 255.25­5.255.0

Update Firmware:

download image summit­X-1­­-p­atc­h1-­5.xos VR-Default secondary

use image secondary


* (repeat process for primary)*

Install SSH:

download image summit­X-1­­-p­atc­h1-­5-s­sh.xmod VR-Default secondary
run update

Stop using default VLAN (vlan 1):

configure vlan "­Def­aul­t" delete ports all
configure vlan vlan10 add ports 1:1-48­,2:2-48

Show Active Ports:

show ports no-refresh | inc "­A"


configure vlan vlan5 dhcp-a­ddr­ess­-range -
configure vlan vlan5 dhcp-o­ptions defaul­t-g­ateway
configure vlan vlan5 dhcp-o­ptions dns-server
configure vlan vlan5 dhcp-o­ptions dns-server secondary
enable dhcp ports 1:1-46, 2:1-46, 3:1-46, 4:1-16 vlan vlan5

Configure Default Route:

config iproute add default

Enable SSH:

disable telnet
enable ssh2

Configure SNMP inform­ation:

configure snmp sysContact "­System Contac­t"
configure snmp sysLoc­ation "­System Locati­on"
configure snmp sysName "­System Name"
disable snmp access

Configure display string:

conf port 1:48 displa­y-s­tring Uplink­ToASA

Remove VLAN:

unconf­igure vlan vlan10 ipaddress
delete vlan vlan10

Configure SNTP:

configure sntp-c­lient primary 173.25­5.2­30.140 vr VR-Default
configure sntp-c­lient secondary 129.6.1­5.30 vr VR-Default
enable sntp-c­lient

Link Aggreg­ation Group:

configure sharing 1:47 add ports 1:48, 2:48

Show commands:

show config
show iproute
show iparp
show fdb
show version [images]
show switch [detail]
show stack [detail]
show slot
show cdp neighbor
show edp port all

Enable IP routing:

enable ipforw­arding vlan vlan2
enable ipforw­arding vlan Default

Check Cable for Wiring issues(Gen 2 Switches):

run diagno­stics cable port

Show Open(R­eady) Ports:

show ports no-refresh | inc "­R"

Show Port History:

show port info detail | include Port:|­Lin­k\s­Sta­te:­|Li­nk­\sUp­s:|­Lin­k\s­Downs:

Display Logs:

show log

Configure admin user:

configure account admin

Configure timezone:

configure timezone name EST -300 autodst

Create and configure VLAN:

create vlan vlan10 descri­ption "User Access­" tag 10
configure vlan vlan10 ipaddress 10.10.1­0.10 255.25­5.255.0

Connect stacking cables:

sw01-port2 -> sw02-port1
sw02-port2 -> sw03-port1
sw03-port2 -> sw04-port1
sw04-port2 -> sw01-port1
(can have up to eight nodes per stack)

Enable Stacking:

configure stacking easy-setup