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Videography Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

A cheatsheet base on the shot list youtube list

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Shot Sizes

Establ­ishing Shot
Establ­ishes Geography, time and scale
Master Shot
Confirms location & Establ­ishes chars. & relation
Wide Shot (WS)
Positions chars. far from cam
Full Shot (FS)
subject compleatly in frame
from head to just below their "­hol­ste­r"
Medium shot (MS)
from head to just below the chest
Medium CloseUp (MCU)
from head to mid chest
CloseUp (CU)
arrange around eye level
Extreme CloseUp (ECU)
Isolates single area of a subject e.g. eyes


One Char. primary focus
Two Shot
Two Char. both faces visiable
N Shot
N char. in fame
Crowd Shot
many chars. in frame
Over the Shoulder (OTS)
Over the shoulder; one char in focus
Point of View (POV)
From the view of one char.
Insert shot
Extremely tight on a detail
Clean: Only the focus subject is visible
Dirty: Includes limited present from other chars.

Camera Movment

Pan (left/­right) (slow/­wipe)
Turn around the Y-axis
Tilt (up/down)
Turn around the X-axis
pull out
Move away from subject
push in/forward
Move towards the subject
Zoom (in/out)
Crash Zoom
Zoom but quicker
The dolly
movment on a track
Move along subject; Mostly on a track or cart
Reverse dolly zoom
zoom in, pull out/zoom out, push in
Pedestal shot
Vertical movement up/down
Boom shot
Same as Pedestal but with pan/ti­tlt­/zoom
The Steadi­cam­/Gimbl
Stabilized movement from a camop
Same as Steadicam but with shake
Rack focus
Move focus point
Dutch Spin
Move the camera around the Z-axis
push in/pull out focus
While pushing or pulling focus on subject